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IK10 110w led street light heads

The 110w led street light head adopts Philips LEDs and Meanwell LED driver, the light efficiency is greater than 160LM/W, L90B10>100,000hrs, full die-cast aluminum housing, IK10, IP66, tool-free buckle design, compatible with induction solar street light system.

Key features

LED street light head

Wide power range: 60W~130W.

Special circuit design, single LED damage won't affect others' normal work.

Smart design, low transportation costs.

Toolless open for easy installation, replacement, and maintenance.

The LED engine, consisting of the LED light source and the power supply, can be easily replaced or upgraded. Designed for easy technology upgrade (Future Proof)

Electronic temperature monitoring prevents overheating of LEDs and power supply.

Provided with 10KV Surge Protection Devices.

Corrosion-resistant polyester powder painted 100µm thickness.

Meets a 1000-hour salt spray certification per ASTM B117/ ISO 9227:2012.

Optimized roadway photometric distributions, ULOR = 0 (zero uplight)

Supports Smart City application,7-Pin NEMA socket, and standard outdoor dimming protocols.

e.g. photocell, motion sensor, DALI, 1-10V.

High Lumen output up to 160lm/w with high-quality LED chips.

Designed to last at least 100, 000 hours at L70.

ENEC/ CB/ CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP66 /LM79

5 years limited warranty available.



Street, highway, park lot, roadway, path and etc


LED street light

Driver BrandMeanwell   / Inventronics
Norminal Wattage110W
LED Chip Quantity3030: 160pcs 
Input Voltage100-240/277VAC
Power Efficiency>90%
Power Factor>0.95
Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency143 lm /w
Lamp Rated Lumen output15730lm (Lumen tolerance +/- 5%)
Color Rendering Index70(80 optional)
Color Temperature3000 or 4000 or 5000 or 5700K
Photometric TypeTypeII Medium
Optimal Operating Temperature25℃
Storage Temperatures-40°C~50°C
Working EnvironmentBetween-40°C~+50°C,   10%~90%RH
Total Harmonic Distortion<10%
Lumen Maintenance>100,000 hours -L70, @25 ºC (77 ºF)
Wind IndexForce  12
Body and Shell MaterialsDie-cast aluminum; PC Lens
Pole Fitter Diameter60mm ( 50mm optional)
RatingIP66  IK10
Protection Class  I
SPD10KV (20KV optional)
CertificationCE,  ENEC,CB ROHS,LM80,LM79,IP66 IK10,ISTMT
Dimming Options1-10V 
Control OptionsPhotocellor Smart control
Color OptionsDeep grey
Warranty5  years




  1. How to Choose the Right LED Street or Area Light?

    Outdoor locations such as streets, roadways, parking lots, and pedestrian zones are appropriate for LED Street and Area Lighting Fixtures. LED area-lighting fixtures that are well-designed can offer the requisite surface illuminance while using less energy and with better uniformity. Additionally, these LED Area Lights have a substantially longer life span and provide greater lumen maintenance, energy efficiency, durability, color quality, light dispersion, thermal management, and cheap costs.

    When choosing an LED Area Light, take into account the following factors:


    Pole-mounted fixtures, slip fitter and trunnion-mount types, knuckle pole, and wall mount models are all available for LED Area Lights. Commercial fittings and shoebox fixtures that have many mounting choices and a heavy-duty sleek design are also compatible with LED Area Lights.


    When it comes to picking an energy-efficient light bulb, buying by lumens is more significant than shopping by watts. Lumens measure the amount of light produced, whereas watts measure the amount of energy used to light items. This indicates that the brighter the light source is, the more lumens the product contains. Instead of focusing on how much energy a product consumes (watts), consumers should consider how much light it produces (lumens).


    The wattage of a light bulb refers to how much energy it consumes rather than how much light it produces. To produce the same amount of brightness, energy-efficient lights consume fewer watts (lumens). As a result, LEDs (which often have low wattages relative to lumens) not only help cut energy use but also minimize electric expenses.

    Color Temperature

    The color appearance of light that emanates from a light source is referred to as color temperature. It's a crucial performance attribute to consider when assessing bulbs because color temperature affects the ambiance of the place you're illuminating, which might influence purchasing decisions or work performance. A light source's perceived hue is measured in Kelvin. The whiter the light, the higher the Kelvin temperature.

  2. What are the benefits of LED Street Lighting?

    LEDs are used in a variety of lighting applications. When it comes to commercial interior lighting, facilities like offices and retail stores benefit immensely from the bright, steady light created by LED bulbs because they increase productivity while using less energy. LEDs are also ideal for light poles and high-mast installations that require crane truck services and specialized equipment to maintain, making them ideal for large-scale external lighting solutions in parking lots and even stadiums.

    The usage of LEDs in highways and street lighting is one area where they are gaining favor. One of the many advantages of LEDs is that their bright, wide light pattern makes driving and walking safer, and there is even evidence that they help minimize light pollution.

    Discover why so many towns are upgrading their highway lighting systems to a more sustainable alternative by learning more about some of the unique benefits of LED street lighting.

    LEDs are able to reach full brightness immediately.

    LEDs are bright, which is one of the reasons they're such a great lighting solution for warehouses and office buildings in terms of maintaining productivity and keeping workers safe. However, one of the most significant advantages of LED street lighting is its brightness, or more precisely, its immediate brilliance.

    Because LED light is produced by an electric current rather than heating a filament like an incandescent or HID lamp, the light is instantly brilliant. This is advantageous for street light fixtures since there is no warm-up time during which they may not be generating enough light to properly cover an area, and it also allows occupancy sensors to control the lights so that they come on totally as soon as a person enters the area.

    Light Pollution is Reduced by LED Street Lights

    According to the BBC, light pollution affects 99 percent of individuals in the United States and Europe. While skyscrapers and huge buildings emit the lightest pollution, lights on streets, roads, and sidewalks also contribute significantly to light pollution in urban areas.

    The cool, brilliant blue light produced by LEDs in street lighting initially caused additional light pollution. This is due to the fact that the fixtures that originally housed the LEDs caused the light to flood out rather than direct and focus it down, which can dramatically limit the amount of light that illuminates the night sky.

    Fortunately, professionals were able to solve the problem. One of the future-focused benefits of LED street lights is that they greatly reduce light pollution while still generating the bright, continuous light that LEDs are known for, thanks to an invention to restructure the fixture and focus the light pattern to the ground.

    LEDs are less harmful to the environment.

    LEDs are well-known for their energy efficiency in addition to their ability to reduce light pollution. LEDs greatly reduce energy consumption in large-scale lighting systems for facilities such as warehouses and some commercial buildings, and this savings grows when applied to the energy consumption of entire communities.

    LEDs are also better for the environment because they don't contain harmful substances like mercury, which are commonly found in traditional HID lighting like high-pressure sodium or mercury-vapor lamps.

    Less Glare from LED Street Lights

    When addressing the advantages of LEDs, lighting professionals frequently mention their even, steady light pattern, which allows them to efficiently light vast rooms and facilities with high ceilings. However, this continuous light pattern is another advantage of LED street lights, as it decreases glare for motorists.

    They can be used to direct light on certain regions since they create "directional" light, which is light that is emitted in one direction rather than a diffused glow. LEDs can also be muted, giving for more flexibility in adjusting light levels or adding extra energy-saving controls to fixtures, unlike some other external light sources.

    LED Street Lighting Requires Less Upkeep

    While ambiance and atmosphere are key factors to consider when choosing to light for restaurants and retail stores, accessibility is also vital when choosing to light for larger facilities, building exteriors, and street lighting.

    If a facility's lighting system is difficult to reach, incandescent and halogen lighting will almost certainly have greater maintenance expenses. When you add in the increased cost of energy and the operational expense of reaching lighting fixtures with specialized equipment, basic maintenance could end up costing a lot more than you think for large businesses and towns.

    One of the advantages of LED street lights is that they require less maintenance than HID or incandescent alternatives. LEDs require less maintenance than HID or incandescent fixtures, which require lamp and/or ballast replacement on a fairly regular basis, due to their extended lifespan (up to 100,000 hours). This is particularly useful for street lighting, where access to the fixture might be difficult and expensive.

    Roads and Streets in the Future

    LEDs have revolutionized energy efficiency in a variety of industries. LEDs have a major influence, whether it's lowering energy expenses in a commercial facility or simply assisting residents in saving money on replacement lamps and utility fees.

    Many cities and towns across the country can expect to see a reduction in harmful light pollution and lower costs for maintaining and repairing street lamps as more municipalities adopt them as a lighting solution for public areas, resulting in increased public safety and environmentally friendly practices. With all of the advantages of LED street lights, the future of this high-efficiency lighting alternative appears to be bright.

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