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LED High Bay Light


High Bay Light provide remarkable lighting solution mainly for warehouse, factory, gymnasium, or any large and cavernous space. MKLIGHTS UFO High Bay Light who is not only innovative in terms of outlook design but also offers durable and cost effective performance. These lights efficiency reaches from 130lm/w to 190Im/w . They are compatible with intelligent control system which ensures longer lifespan and lowers 90% cost. Moreover, MKLIGHTS led industrial light family engineered multiple professional optical lens and various installation accessories which meet all your requirements for any project.

The power of led warehouse lighting comes with its focus on energy-efficient, superior lighting. They provide a higher quality illumination day in and day out at a lower cost than traditional bulbs. ufo led lights are specialized industrial shop lights designed to illuminate large areas with high ceilings. The lights create powerful illumination at a long range and are made to enhance visibility and focus light more directly than traditional incandescent fixtures. This makes high bay led lighting perfect for commercial and industrial applications, such as warehouses and retail stores with larger areas and taller ceilings.


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