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SH Street Lamp

SH series led street light is a streetlight style developed for developing countries. Under the premise of meeting the basic requirements of the project, it can maximize the cost performance; SH street light supports horizontal or vertical installation, and the angle is adjustable within ±15 degrees; the power range is 30-150w, and the light efficiency is as high as 130lm/W, which can meet the power and light efficiency requirements of most projects. As a LED street lamp manufacturer, MKLIGHTS can provide you with different solutions of street lamp styles to meet different market needs.

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What Are The Advantages Of Outdoor Led Street Light?

The LED street lights are applied to the street lamp through the special light shape design of the LED street lights, which can offset the luminous angle of the lamp and improve the lighting utilization rate of the roadside; according to the rectangular aspect ratio, the aspect ratio can be 2: 1 light spot, so that there will be no shadows between adjacent light spots, and a bright light band with uniform illumination can be formed on the road, which is more in line with the requirements of road safety. It meets a sufficiently broad illumination range, increases the lighting efficiency of the lights, and decreases the lighting power density of the road, so achieving true energy conservation and environmentally friendly practices. The high-powered Outdoor LED street light is used to illuminate roads. Nothing comparable to the classic high-pressure sodium light Comparable benefits:

1. Different light-emitting mechanisms exist. Due to the fact that an outdoor LED street light is a semiconductor device, its effective life may approach 50,000 hours (that is, the light attenuation is less than 30 percent after 50,000 hours), which is much longer than sodium lamps and metal halide lamps (their life is about In 12000-15000 hours).

2. Since the LED street light is made of semiconductor material with no filament or any extra components, it has high resilience to stress.

3. The color rendering index of LED street lighting sources may exceed 80, which is similar to that of natural light. In this instance, human eyes are better able to discern between objects, which improves driving safety, but the color rendering index of high-pressure sodium lights is only 20-30.

4. Traditional gas discharge lamps such as high-pressure sodium lamps have a preheating process when starting, which wastes energy and is not conducive to intelligent control; outdoor LED street lights are fundamentally different in light sources, therefore there is no "start-up time" issue.

5. Due to the fact that conventional street light sources utilize mercury vapor to create light, the disposal of waste light sources is a global issue that must be resolved immediately. In addition, the light-emitting mechanism of conventional light sources generates UV radiation that is hazardous to the human body. The LED street light source is solid-state illumination, free of mercury and other toxic compounds, and it emits no ultraviolet light. Consequently, it is an ecologically benign source of illumination.

6. In the optical system, the standard street light source provides omnidirectional light, half of the light must be reflected by the reflector, and the reflector must absorb a portion of the light, resulting in a significant amount of light loss. Due to the fact that LED street lights only emit light in one direction, their light usage rate is greater than that of conventional street lights.

7. The reflector determines the light distribution curve of conventional street lamps, thus they have some limits, but the outdoor LED street light source is a dispersed light source. Each electric light source's design may provide the lamp's light source an optimal batwing form. By adjusting the light distribution in a reasonable manner, it is possible to get a more uniform illumination within the effective irradiation range and a rectangular pavement spot.

8. More comprehensive automated control (optional): Different brightness levels may be adjusted based on the demands of different time periods, therefore enhancing the energy-saving impact. For instance, the brightness is 200W at 7 p.m., and when there are few people at midnight, the brightness is automatically lowered to 100W, so saving 60W.

Presently, lighting accounts for around 20% of total energy consumption; thus, a significant reduction in lighting power consumption is a crucial energy-saving measure. The substantial benefits of outdoor LED street lighting are grabbing the attention of the global community.


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