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Anti-corrosion 120W LED Street Light

120w led street light with competitive price, adopts aluminum die-casting housing with anti-salt spray surface treatment, with extremely high anti-corrosion level, passed 500 hours corrosion test, all screws are made of 304 stainless steel screws,Optic lens with PC anti-UV material, IP66 and IK10, suitable for outdoor road lighting.

Key features

120w led street light

Terse Design of appearance.

Diecasting aluminum housing.

Good heat dissipation effect, the optimized heat dissipation structure is designed.

IP66 and IK08 waterproof grades meet the high temperature and high humidity environment use.

Strobe-free stable optical output, with a power factor of 0.95, Maintain the stability of the power grid.

Can be with adjustable arms(vertically or horizontal mounted), the Angle range is ±15°, adjust the beam angles according to different occasions.

High efficacy of more than 130lm/w.

The product is smart and convenient to transport, and the transport cost is very low.

High performance but very competitive price.


Area Application:

Urban and residential areas, Pedestrian category roads, Vehicle category roads

Traffic routes and main access road, Parking areas, Cycling track, Footpath


120w led street light price, led street light

LED Epistar   (Default) / Lumileds (for optional)
Working VoltageAC100-265V|50/60Hz
Luminaire efficacy130   lm /w
Luminaire flux15600lm
CRIRa>70 (Default) / Ra>80
CCT3000K, 4000K, 5000K, 6000K
Optic lensType II Medium; Type III Medium
Mounting TypeSide entry or Vertical pole-mounted ±15°
Storage Temperatures-40°C~50°C
Working Environment-20℃~+50℃,10%~90%RH
MaterialsHigh-pressure die-cast aluminum, UV-resistant Polycarbonate
RatingIP66   IK08
Protection Class I (Default)/Class II
Surge Protection Device10KV  (20KV optional)
CertificationsCE, RoHS, LM79, LM80, TM-21, IP66, IK10
Dimming Options1-10V  Dimming /Timer Dimming
Available on requestSolar Compatible, NEMA socket (3/5/7pins), ZHAGA socket, Short cap, Photocell,   Motion sensor, NTC, OLC, DALI Dimming
Body-colorDark  Grey/Black/Light Grey (available on request)
Warranty5   years



What is anti-corrosion?

In high-risk contexts, anti-corrosion refers to the protection of metal surfaces from corroding. When metals are exposed to corrosive surroundings, they are more likely to react chemically with the air and/or water. Corrosion impacts are visible on the surfaces of these materials. For example, after exposing iron to a corrosive environment for an extended period of time, the iron begins to rust due to oxygen contact with water on the surface. As a result, if no preventative measures are taken, metal equipment may rust both inside and out, depending on climatic conditions and how much of the equipment is exposed to the air. Corrosion can be prevented in a variety of ways, notably in marine applications. In situations with high humidity, mist, and salt, anti-corrosion procedures are very important.

What are the strategies for keeping a solar street light pole from corroding?

The usage of solar street lights is becoming more and more common as solar energy becomes more widely available. The criteria for sustaining the poles are better because solar street lights operate in an outside environment. The poles for solar street lamps must be treated with anti-corrosion to keep them from rusting and corroding and losing structural strength. So, how can solar street light poles keep from corroding? Following that, Century Sunshine Lighting's editor will give you a thorough overview. 

1. Spraying of the surface Hot-dip galvanizing the light pole is the first and best option. The zinc coating of a hot-dip galvanized light pole has firmly adhered to the steel pole, the zinc layer does not peel off, and the anti-rust function is exceptional. The light pole's surface is then sprayed with plastic, which the customer can choose the color of, and outdoor high-quality plastic is used so that the light pole can survive for more than ten years.

2. Plastic spraying at high temperatures This is a relatively new technology. To obtain the appropriate spray coating, the main operating concept is to spray nylon onto the surface of the workpiece that has been pre-heated and melted by the flame. 

3. Electrostatic powder spraying is the third step. The negatively charged powder is used in electrostatic spraying. The powder is equally adsorbed on the workpiece thanks to the action of electrostatic force and compressed air. This process improves the uniformity and smoothness of the light pole's surface. Spray paint and spray plastic are two methods for electrostatic spraying. 

4. Galvanizing in a hot bath Immersion of pre-treated objects in molten zinc to create zinc and zinc-iron alloy coatings on the surface is a process and method. The zinc layer measures 65-90 microns thick. Galvanized parts should have a zinc layer that is uniform, smooth, drippy, and agglomerated excessively. The zinc layer should be tightly adhered to the steel rod and not peeled off or elevated.

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