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BB LED High Bay Light

BB led high bay light is made of anodized tensile aluminum, high corrosion resistance, modular design for easy maintenance and replacement in the future, waterproof grade IP66, can also be used for outdoor floodlight lighting. The beam Angle of BB high bay led light can be 60,90 and 110 degrees, to meet different installation heights and installation distances. MKLIGHTS has a team that can supply professional high bay lighting simulation design, if you have requested, please contact our sales for free.

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High Bay and Low Bay Lighting

In commercial and industrial areas, both high ceiling and low ceiling lighting fixtures are often used. The selection relies on the location in which they will be put and the desired degree of brightness. Additionally, selecting one over the other may greatly impact the security of your facility and the productivity of your company. Consequently, there are a few distinctions between high-bay lighting and low-bay lighting that provide the former an edge.

A thorough understanding of the advantages, limits, and distinctions between high-bay lighting and low-bay lighting can help you choose which should be utilised when and when. It is essential to be aware of them, since employing the incorrect luminaire will incur additional expenditures and may result in poorly lit regions that might indirectly lead to a hazardous scenario.

If you're new to lighting or in the market for new fixtures, we've detailed the key distinctions between high-bay lighting and low-bay lighting.

What type of lighting is called Bay Lights?

Bay lights are used to illuminate huge spaces such as factories, warehouses, processing facilities, and industrial facilities. These facilities need heavy-duty lighting installations to offer uniform and well-distributed illumination in wide spaces. Also, these lights are often used in buildings with ceilings no higher than 3 meters.

The decision between the low bay and high bay lighting applications will be determined by the ceiling height.

Before installing these lights, the following should be given careful consideration:

The ceiling height of the structure.

Frequency of lighting used in the facility

Retrofitting the existing light with new bulbs was simple.

1. Installation height

To light places with ceilings between 6 and 12 meters above the ground, high ceiling lamps are employed. In addition, for these lights to function well from this height, they need specifically designed reflectors for HPS/MH bulbs and lens angles for LEDs. This ensures that the light hits the floor uniformly and is not wasted.

Low ceiling lighting, on the other hand, is intended for use in ceilings with a height of fewer than 6 meters from the ground. Specifically, the ceiling height may range from 3.5 to 6 meters. Consequently, this illumination is mostly used in residences, public buildings, and retail establishments.

2. Application

High bay warehouse lighting is an example of how high bay lights are used in industrial and commercial environments.

Among the applications for high ceiling lighting are:

warehouses and an airport hangar

Municipal facilities

School and college gymnasiums

However, low ceiling lighting may still be utilized in some of these situations, and it is important to note that the following locations are suitable:

Gas Station Warehouse Retail Store

3. Beam Angle: 

A narrow beam contributes to the creation of a more concentrated beam that offers a high lux on the ground.

In contrast, a broader beam angle enables vast open rooms with low roof heights to have great light dispersion; as a consequence, the beam angle of the low ceiling lights is 120 degrees.

In applications with low ceilings, lens angles are used to further disperse the light and retain the appropriate degree of lighting, while also directing the light to particular areas.

4. Assembly: 

High-bay luminaires may be hung on chains or pendants, suspended from the ceiling with hooks, or directly mounted to the ceiling. A variety of luminaires, including grid-mounted high-bay luminaires, linear high-bay luminaires, circular high-bay luminaires, and architectural high-bay luminaires, may be used for high-bay illumination.

There are warehouses where vertical illumination is essential for picking items off shelves. The consideration for the usage of high ceiling lighting fixtures is that they can illuminate both vertical and horizontal surfaces.


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