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GA LED Garden Light

LED garden lights, also called pole top lights, describe that outdoor lighting is usually installed on poles, located in roads, passages, parking lots, commerce, parks, and other places. It is usually used to provide lighting for pedestrians and vehicles. The most common ones are, The post top led lights are installed vertically on the lamp 7-20 feet high. It is not uncommon to install multiple bulbs on a pole, and the specific installation methods vary greatly.

People also ask

What is garden lighting?

Landscape lighting illuminates our outdoor environments. Examples include gardens, patios, buildings, and parking lots. It might use uplighting trees to illuminate routes from below. It may be both aesthetic and functional and can change a space. The primary distinction between outdoor and interior illumination is the weather or element. The vast majority of outdoor lighting and accessories must have an IP certification. This denotes a product's water resistance. The greater the resistance rating, such as IP68, the higher the rating.

Is garden lighting safe?

The installation of garden lighting must adhere to the country's electrical codes. These standards protect the safety of all facilities. For any outdoor lighting, the presence of a residual current device (RCD) is always essential.

What are the advantages of Choosing LED Garden Lights?

The lifespan of yard lighting is increased. Conventional garden lights have a service life of two to three years without maintenance or replacement. Those with a slightly higher configuration may be used for at least five years, but standard light sources must be changed after one or two years. Or the lifespan of electrical gadgets exceeds doubleLED.

The energy efficiency of landscape lighting has improved and decreased. In terms of energy efficiency, it is also superior to conventional light sources by more than half, and the energy-saving rate is more than 50 percent. For instance, the typical light source energy-saving bulbs of garden lights need 85W, but 30W LED light sources may now be used in their stead. It is now possible to determine that the power savings is more than 50%

The form of the garden light is more compact and aesthetically pleasing, and the overall shape of the garden lamp may be tailored to meet specific needs;

The installation is less complicated. There is no need to connect electrical appliances and typical light sources, such as metal halide lamps and high-pressure sodium light sources, to the installation. The LED garden light requires simply the connecting of the lamp's cord to the main cable connection port.


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