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BC LED High Bay Light

Subverting the appearance of traditional high bay lights, BC high bay lights imitating UFO design, using high-end Meanwell LED driver with overvoltage and over-temperature protection; while using LUMILEDS LED Chips, the highest luminous efficiency can reach 160LM/W of whole high bay led lights, it is one of the best choices in a warehouse lighting, workshop lighting and other lighting places.

People also ask

What is the appropriate lumen rating for a high bay light?

Currently, LED high bay lights with a Kelvin temperature between 3000K and 5700K output between 120 and 160 lumens per watt (LPW). The lumens output vary depending on the LEDs' Kelvin temperature, their efficiency, the milliamps of the driver, and the optics. Watts multiplied by lumens per watt equals total lumens. What counts, however, is how many footcandles of light are spread on the required work surface. While total lumens output is a factor in calculating footcandles (fc), mounting height and optics employed in the high bay light are significant factors.

Is there a guideline for spacing high bay lights?

This approximates the spacing based on mounting height. Basically, you should look at is as a gridded area with a high bay light in the center of each block of space with the area of the block based on the mounting height.

10'to 15'mounting height – 12'to 15' area/block

15'to 20'mounting height – 15' to 20'area/block

20'to 30'mounting height – 20'to 25'area/block

This is just a guideline, as it does not take into consideration the lumens emitted, the optics employed, or the footcandles required for the task to be performed. To determine the appropriate lighting layout for you facility get a photometric study.

How many LED high bay lights do I need?

The number of high bay fixtures necessary to light an area for your application relies on a number of variables, including your application. The questions listed below must be filled in order to estimate the amount of high bay LED fixtures necessary for your location.

How large is the area to be illuminated?

Clearly, the larger the area, the greater the number of lights necessary to illuminate it. The facility's dimensions are necessary for determining the number of fixtures.

How many lumens does each fixture emit?

If one high bay light emits 20,000 lumens and another produces 40,000 lumens, you may believe that you would require half as many lights if you choose the fixture emitting 40,000 lumens. That may be true, but what if the 40,000-lumen high bay is excessively bright in relation to its mounting height, or if it emits too much light beneath the light and insufficient light levels nearby? The light distribution must be uniform for it to be suitable and effective.

What is the fixture's mounting height?

The mounting height determines a portion of the maximum lumens that can be emitted without the light becoming too intense or causing excessive glare. For instance. At a mounting height of 15 feet, 15,000 lumens may be enough, while 30,000 lumens would be excessive. In addition, increased mounting height results in improved light distribution.

What is the required Max/Min ratio for the application?

The max/min ratio is the area's maximum light divided by the area's minimum light. For the majority of sports, the needed max/min ratio is below 3.0. According to IESNA, a nighttime pathway for public use should have a max/min of 10 or less; however, if the walkway visitors have assisted care facility residents, the max/min should be less than 5.0. You must know how uniform the light must be for your application, and the spacing/distribution of the light fixtures must meet this need.

What is the purpose of the region?

The needed footcandles (FC) of light on a work surface are determined by the purpose of the facility. A huge warehouse used for storage uses less FC than a factory that assembles tiny electronic components. On the work surface, 30 FC are required for jobs with high contrast and big size, while 100 FC are needed for activities with low contrast and small size.


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