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FE Stadium Flood Light

The power of FE stadium flood lights ranges from 200W to 1200W. Designed for sports lighting, dock lighting, or settings where you wish to give customised lighting, such as sports stadiums. These projector spotlights are exceptionally strong and enduring, because they are often put in stadiums or sporting arenas exposed to all types of weather conditions,  They offer consistent illumination and great light quality since flawless visibility must be ensured for both the sportsmen and any potential fans, media, or television present.

How about the efficiency and application of LED stadium lights?

Our High Mast LED Flood Lighting Solution uses superior optics intended for High Mast Stadium Light, Ball Field Light, and LED Warehouse Light to decrease power consumption while retaining brightness. We use Philips or Bridgelux chips with illumination efficiencies ranging from 150 to 160 lm/W. Our 1200W High Mast Sports Field Flood Light has a maximum lumen output of 192,000 and is suited for replacing 3000W to 4000W Metal Halide or High-intensity Discharge Lamps. The LED High Mast Light may be installed within the Airport & Apron, Airfield, Parking Lot, Warehouse, Tennis Court, Basketball Court, Ball Fields, and other Large Areas.

Why switch to High Power LED High Mast Floodlights?

With LED High Mast Flood Lighting, your power cost will be reduced to one-third of its original amount. Since 2009, we have endeavored to provide High Mast LED FloodLights for warehouses & Sports & Ball Fields. We fine-tuned the LED optics for High Mast LED Lights in order to enhance the product's quality. Our R&D team has created a novel and unparalleled secondary reflector that reduces undesired glare by up to 85 percent, which is crucial for warehouse employees who depend significantly on adequate illumination and sports players and spectators who need improved eyesight.

Our LED High Mast Flood Light for Warehouse &Sports Field is sturdy in addition to being brilliant and anti-glare. Typically, conventional Metal Halide or High-intensity Discharge Lamps are used to locate it. Annually, the brightness will diminish by 30 to 45 percent. With our High-mast LED, lumen degradation is less than 30% after 100000 hours of operation, which is comparable to 20+ years (8 hours per day). Less frequent repair implies reduced expenditures.

LED High Mast Lights are instant-on and instant-off, so there is no need to wait 5-10 minutes for the light to warm up, as is the case with Metal Halide Lamps. It is absolutely efficient and time-saving throughout the operation. Due to the aforementioned reasons, the LED High Mast Lighting System is an excellent option if you need LED Stadium Lighting, Warehouse Lights, Parking Lot Lighting, and Ball Field Lights.


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