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1200W Outdoor Sports Lights

Outdoor Sports Lights means sports lights used for outdoor sports fields, such as golf courses, football fields, etc. Outdoor sports field lights need to have high level of waterproof and salt spray resistance since they are often exposed to bad weather, FE sports light passes IP66, and fixture has done multiple anti-salt spray surfaces treatments.

Key features

1200W Outdoor Sports Lights | Sports Field Lighting

Outdoor sports lights, sports field lights, led sports lights, led sports lighting

Up to 1200W, max lumens is 200,000lm

Unique circuit design, single LED damage won't affect others' normal work

Modular design for easy maintenance and replacement.

Wide choice of optics to suit more applications (asymmetrical and symmetrical)

Multiple lighting control options are available, e.g. DALI, 1-10V

Designed to last at least 100,000 hours at L70

World-class, approbated quality components (LEDs /Driver /etc.)

CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP66

5 years limited warranty available.



Large-scale sports venues include football fields, golf courses, tennis courts, basketball courts, baseball fields, etc.


1200W Outdoor Sports Lights | Sports Field Lighting

Outdoor sports lights, sports field lights, led sports lights, led sports lighting

LED BrandPhilips  LUXEON / Bridgelux
Normal Wattage1200W
Input Voltage100-240/277VAC, 50/60Hz
Power Efficiency>90%
Power Factor>0.95
Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency>145lm/w
Lamp Rated Lumen output174000 lm (Lumen tolerance +/- 5%)
Color Rendering IndexRa>70
Color Temperature3000, 4000, 5000 or 5700K
Photometric Type30°, 45°, 60°, 90°, or Asymmetrical
Optimal Operating Temperature25℃
Storage Temperatures-40℃~+50℃
Working EnvironmentBetween-40°C~+50°C, 10%~90%RH
Total Harmonic Distortion<10%
Lumen Maintenance>100,000 hours -L70, @25 ºC (77 ºF)
Body and Shell MaterialsHigh-pressure die-cast aluminum
IP RatingIP66 with the test report
CertificationCE, ROHS
Optional Function1-10VDC/DALI2 Dimming
Warranty5 years


1200W Outdoor Sports Lights | Sports Field Lighting

200w High Mast Stadium Flood Light


1200W Outdoor Sports Lights | Sports Field Lighting



Various Outdoor Sports Lights For Sport Courts

Illuminating sports stadiums adequately is necessary for continuous recreations and activities. An excellent lighting system not only extends the time available for athletic events, but also improves safety, enhances the visual experience, and results in considerable energy savings. Thus, LED sports lighting solutions are in high demand. As a leading producer of Industrial and Outdoor Lighting solutions, Yaham illumination has created a variety of LED sports lights to meet the increasing demand for high-quality sports lighting.

LED Sports Lighting For Small Athletic Fields 

Low-wattage LED sports lights with broad beam angles perform well to provide the most often necessary lux levels on tiny sports courts.

These sports courts, such as single badminton courts, volleyball courts, basketball courts, etc., often need 200lx, 300lx, or 500lx for outdoor illumination and a greater level for inside lighting.

In general, 150w-300W LED sports lights would perform well, and they can also be utilized to replace conventional 450W1000W MH/HPS lamps, reducing energy usage by up to 70 percent. For instance, 8pcs100W LED Flood Lights would be ideal for lighting a basketball floor with an average brightness of 75lx.

For such fields, FB LED Flood Lights, FF LED Flood Lights, and BA LED Flood Lights are suggested.

LED Sports Lighting For Medium-Sized Athletic Fields

To achieve optimal lighting performance on medium-sized sports courts, larger wattage LED sports lights and more precise beam angles are required.

These sports courts consist of various courts for the aforementioned sports, as well as tennis courts, Cricket courts, Handball courts, Baseball courts, and Hockey Courts, among others.

Typically, 300W to 600W LED sports lights are needed to completely illuminate these courts with an aesthetically pleasing lighting performance. 6pcs 450W LED sports lights, for instance, can properly illuminate a tennis court with an average of 300lx and excellent uniformity.

For such fields, FA LED High Mast Lights and FE LED High Mast Lights are suited for such sports courts.

LED Sport Lights For Large Stadiums

LED sports lights with greater wattages and narrower beam angles are required for big sports courts so that players can perform optimally, spectators can see clearly, and, if the game is broadcast, the cameras can capture every clear and timely scene.

Included in this category are football fields, rugby fields, ice hockey fields, etc. Typically, lamps with a wattage of 800W or higher will be required to replace MH bulbs with a wattage of more than 2000W. Typically, 24 pieces of 1200W LED Sport Lights with a beam angle of around 20 degrees are required to light football fields with an average of 200lx and excellent uniformity.

For such fields, FE LED High Mast Lights are suggested.

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