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SSE Solar Street Light

A Fully solar powered street light is also known as All in one Solar Street Light. All components together in one device such as Solar Panel, Battery, and Lights. It is a completely built-up light where all components are inbuilt except for the pole. solar street led light is suitable for remote areas where there are no cables laid.

People also ask

Why Should Replace LED Street Light With Solar Street Light?

Numerous businesses currently employ solar street lighting for various projects, including roads, squares, parking lots, avenues, highways, etc.

And why did they switch from traditional LED street lights to Solar LED street lights? Typically, projects with several hidden costs and inconveniences use typical LED street lighting.

Clear them one by one:

1. Cost of installation

LED Street Light: (needs 11 steps) Locate light position---Dig trenches---Bury pipe---Make concrete light base---Lay wire---Install control cabinet---Ground insulation test---Install light---Test & commission--- Self-checking ---Project accepted.

Solar LED Street Light: (only 5 steps) Locate light position---Make concrete light base---Test & commission---Install light---Project accepted.

Install solar version street light, you can save cost on: Wire / Wire Pipe / Control Cabinet.

2. Cost per employee

LED Street Light: More steps need more personnel

Solar LED Street Light: Fewer steps, fewer personnel required.

3. Cost on time

LED Street Light: Slow completion of the project

Solar LED Street Light: quicker project completion

Using solar-led street lighting requires much less time than led street lighting. If the project is urgent and requires an exact completion date, then solar-powered LED street lights are preferable, and you need not worry about a claim for a project delay.

Importantly, your future business in this industry will cease if you postpone.

4. Cost of maintenance

LED Street Light: Apart from the lamp, you also need to maintain wire, wire pipe, and cabinet.

Solar LED Street Light: only maintain the lamp.

5. Cost of power

LED Street Light: cables consume energy, bulbs use energy, cabinets use energy, and the price of energy increases annually.

Solar LED Street Light: 100 percent solar energy and ZERO electricity costs.

6. Cost of recovering

LED Street Light: in 5-6 years

Solar LED Street Light: in 2-3 years.

Therefore, the advantages of selecting a solar-powered LED street light are evident. And here we offer our remarkable solar-powered LED street light, which performance surpasses that of conventional LED street lights.


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