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LED Garden Light


Garden Light is a kind of outdoor lighting. It uses a new type of LED semiconductor as the illuminant. post top lamp usually refers to the outdoor lighting that illuminates an area less than 6 square meters. Its main components include an LED light source, enclosure, pole, and flange. The disc and the basic embedded parts are composed of 5 parts. Because the post top lights has the characteristics of versatility, aesthetics, landscaping and decorating the outdoor environment, led post top light is also called landscape outdoor garden light. It has the characteristics of energy-saving and high efficiency. It is mainly used for lighting up the urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, public places such as parks and plazas, which can extend the time people spend in outdoor activities and improve the safety of properties.

Every area needs reliable lighting to make the most of the space and ensure safety. With our post top lights, add some much-needed visibility to your business or location with ease. Wonderful for illuminating pathways, walking paths, parking lots, store egress areas , store front entries and so much more.

People also ask

What is difference between LED garden light and LED lawn light?

With the advancement of LED technology, LED lights have been popular for outdoor landscape lighting decoration, particularly LED garden lights and solar LED lawn lights, which are widely suited for urban green belts. Currently, these LED lights can be seen everywhere, but what distinguishes them? Let us now discuss it.

1. Garden LED Light.

It is a kind of lighting fixture that is utilized in residential communities, public gardens, campuses, follower gardens, villas, zoos, and botanical gardens, among other places. It offers illumination and lighting decoration for these regions that have landscaping and illumination functions; it is particularly ideal for garden greening projects, landscaping illumination, campus lighting, and garden installation. LED garden lights are typically 2.5m, 3m, 3.5m, 4m, 4.5m, and 5m in height.

2. LED Lawn Light 

LED lawn lighting is often utilized in slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential areas, tourist attractions, public gardens, plazas, private follower gardens, and courtyards, among other places. LED lawn lights are used to illuminate and decorate the sides of these spaces, as well as to offer security for pedestrians at night and during outdoor events. It may help boost people's moods by creating a fresh and clean environment. LED lawn lights may enhance urban landscapes throughout the day, give residents sufficient illumination and living convenience, and provide residents with a sense of security.

The height of LED garden light is greater than that of LED lawn light; LED garden light requires a lamp post to be installed, but LED lawn light does not need a lengthy lamp post and can be readily inserted into the land to be installed. Typically, the power of LED garden lights is more than that of LED lawn lights; since the height is greater, the power required to produce adequate lighting is greater.

Why has LED garden light replaced traditional lighting source?

With the fast advancement of technology, the application of LED garden light has been more and more ubiquitous, which is prevalent in our everyday lives, and it has become more popular among consumers. So, what are the benefits of LED garden lighting over conventional lighting sources?

1. LED garden lights are energy-efficient, use minimal voltage and current, and have a high brightness. One 10W12W LED garden light has the same luminous output as a 35W150W incandescent bulb. Under the same illumination conditions, LED garden lights would save up to 90% more energy than conventional lighting sources. The power consumption of LED garden lights is low; as technology advances, it will become a new-style energy-saving lighting. At the moment, the light-effect of white lighting colour LED garden light has achieved up to 251mW, outperforming regular incandescent bulb. Its lighting spectrum has excellent single-color performance, and virtually all of its lights may be used to directly enlighten.

2. It is a new-style environmental protection lighting source, with cold white lighting hue, no UV radiation, and dazzling. There is no hazardous ingredient present during use. LED garden lights offer superior economic advantages, their spectrum does not include UV and infrared rays, they can be recycled, they do not include mercury, they do not pollute the environment, and they are a typical cleaning lighting source.

It has a lengthy lifetime. LED garden lights use a solid semiconductor chip to convert electric power into lighting energy, are sealed with epoxy resin, have a small interior construction, and can sustain extreme impact. LEDs have a lifetime of 100,000 hours, while regular incandescent lamps have a lifespan of 1000 hours and fluorescent lamps have a lifespan of 10,000 hours.

4. It has a logical framework. The structure of LED garden light is under development of initial brightness, via enhancing brightness again and being enhanced by optical lens, its luminous impact has greatly increased according to diverse use requirements. LED garden light is a solid lighting source that is sealed with epoxy resin; its construction lacks glass wave filamentary cathode components that are easily broken. Its construction is entirely solid, allowing it to endure stress and impact.

After learning about the benefits of LED garden lighting, I believe most consumers understand why conventional lighting sources have been replaced with LED garden lighting sources.


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