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LED Garden Light


Garden Light is a kind of outdoor lighting. It uses a new type of LED semiconductor as the illuminant. post top lamp usually refers to the outdoor lighting that illuminates an area less than 6 square meters. Its main components include an LED light source, enclosure, pole, and flange. The disc and the basic embedded parts are composed of 5 parts. Because the post top lights has the characteristics of versatility, aesthetics, landscaping and decorating the outdoor environment, led post top light is also called landscape outdoor garden light. It has the characteristics of energy-saving and high efficiency. It is mainly used for lighting up the urban slow lanes, narrow lanes, residential quarters, tourist attractions, public places such as parks and plazas, which can extend the time people spend in outdoor activities and improve the safety of properties.

Every area needs reliable lighting to make the most of the space and ensure safety. With our post top lights, add some much-needed visibility to your business or location with ease. Wonderful for illuminating pathways, walking paths, parking lots, store egress areas , store front entries and so much more.


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