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BD LED High Bay Light

Simple and generous UFO appearance design, BD led ufo lights efficiency up to 190LM/W, achieved new breakthrough in light efficiency, greatly reduced energy consumption, the energy-saving rate of BD ufo led lights reached 90%, is the best choice for 24-hour Industrial lighting places. In addition, the beam Angle of 60,90 and 110 degrees of is optional for this high bay led lights and can be installed at different heights and distances.

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Why is LED Best for Industrial Lighting?

The widespread use of industrial outdoor LED lighting fixtures makes other types of illumination obsolete in a short period of time. This modification was made for many reasons, including enhanced light quality, fewer maintenance requirements, and greater energy efficiency.

* Energy efficiency: If you want to save up to 80% on your energy expenses, replacing your current industrial lighting with an energy-efficient LED solution might be the answer. You will be able to pay for the replacement with the money you save on your energy bills as a direct result of the large cost savings.

* Lighting performance: The light emitted by LEDs is likely to be much better quality than the light produced from conventional lighting systems.

* Savings on maintenance costs: Switching to industrial LED lighting fixtures and bulbs, which have a service life four to forty times longer than typical commercial lighting, may significantly reduce maintenance expenses.

How to Choose Lighting for an Industrial Warehouse?

The logistics system relies on warehousing, which is fundamental to the company and a foundation of the industry. In the past, the value of the warehouse's entire output has increased consistently.

Against the background of the logistics industry's economic sustainability, global logistics titans have started to establish fully automated, multifunctional, high-density contemporary logistics hubs throughout the globe. The objective of these centres is to increase the efficiency of the logistics system, which promotes the need for warehouse illumination.

A warehouse's need for simple "lights" has created a market for a high-quality, high-efficiency, and energy-saving LED lighting system. Because such a system may boost the efficiency of logistical operations, reduce the failure rate, ensure safety, and reduce the organization's total cost.

Regarding illumination, not only can high-quality industrial lighting accommodate the conditions of industrial production and save energy consumption, but it can also provide a pleasant visual environment to aid employees in reducing fatigue caused by long work hours. This necessitates the selection of suitable lighting fixtures to ensure optimal functionality.


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