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SSA Solar Street Light

Solar LED Street Light is used to light Streets, Highways, Parks, Gardens, and To Secure Boundary Walls of a Factory, School, and College Campus. Some remote areas such as College Campus, National Highway Roads, Parking Areas, Public Places in Villages such as Temples, Rivers,  etc. do not get appropriate electricity as they are connected with the grid. All in one Solar Street Light is a boon for such places. It offers a perfect solution for the illumination of streets & squares and crossroads located in areas that are not connected to the power grid. With the improvement of the power generation efficiency of solar panels and the development of lithium battery technology, the application of solar street lights will become more and more mature. As top manufacturer and production factory of solar street lamp , MK can provide All in One, All in two or split solar street lamps for different road conditions.

People also ask

What information do I need for a complete solar lighting design?

1. Pathways, roads, areas, security, perimeters, signs, etc.

2. Specific light level needs

3. City or address of the installation site for the project 

4. Operational Requirements

Do you have something to match a ___ Watt light fixture?

Wattage is a measure of energy consumption, not luminance. We evaluate the lighting needs and fulfil them with the appropriate light output. There is no direct replacement between directed LED lighting and older bulb alternatives such as metal halide, high-pressure sodium, and low-pressure sodium lamps.

Will the solar work when it is cloudy, rainy, or snowy?

MKLIGHTS evaluates the project specifications and system sizes in order to keep the system operational during days of severe weather. Every system is designed to provide at least 5 days of autonomy, with extra storage choices available for more protection and backup if desired.

Will the system work if the sun is blocked out for part of the day?

Each system draws its energy directly from the sun. Any amount of shading during the day will affect the design of the system. If shading is an issue, such as a tree or a system installed on the north side of a building, please let your solar lighting specialist know and we can discuss special designs.

Will the solar light dim if the battery is too low?

The power supply designed for lighting is completely independent of the intensity of the battery storage. Dimming will only occur when the intended function is set and allowed to be controlled via adaptive lighting. We do not use indiscriminate loading profiles or dimming options on any system.

Does solar power lighting have limitations within the design?

The design of solar has limits. Solar is often promoted for both economic savings and environmental grounds. High-wattage lights need a much bigger solar panel, which may not be self-contained. Solar often cannot run a light fixture cost-effectively in order to fulfil the light level needs of banks, car lots, or major six-lane roads. Standard parking, minimal security parking, peripheral areas, and two to four-lane streets are examples of applications where solar is viable (.20 min to .50 min foot candle).


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