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80W Integrated Solar Street Light

Integrated solar street light is a type of outdoor lighting product used to illuminate the streets, and highways. Unlike split solar street lights, integrated type integrates controller, battery, lamp. Solar panel is attached to the top of street light. The special appearance design make integrated street light easier to install and transport.

Key features

Integrated Solar Street Light | Factory Price | MKLIGHTS

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Wide power range: 40W~120W

Special circuit design, single LED damage won't affect others' normal work

lithium battery improves the reliability of the luminaire

Monocrystalline silicon solar panels, greatly improve solar energy conversion efficiency

Smart MPPT controller realizes intelligent control of lamps

Designed by a professional industrial design team, integrating solar panels, led sources, controller, battery, PIR sensor, and housing.

Adjustable angle mounting bracket, suitable for a variety of modeling lamp pole installation methods.

Intelligent power adjustment, automatic weather judgment, reasonable planning of discharge rules.

Intelligent charging and discharging management, soft and hard double protection of charging and discharging, and intelligent equalization technology, battery cycles more than 2000 times.

Smart remote control, equipped with drone remote control, the ultra-long remote control distance of 30 meters, can pass through obstacles, and can set four lighting modes at will.

High-efficiency LED chips can reach 220LM/W, which is more than twice the average brightness of ordinary LED light sources, with a luminous angle of 140 degrees, and a wider irradiation area.

The whole lamp adopts a modular minimalist design, easy disassembly, installation, and transportation.

CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP65

3/5 years limited warranty available.



Street, highway, park lot, roadway, path, Gardens and etc


Integrated Solar Street Light | Factory Price | MKLIGHTS

LED Number192units
Nominal Power80W
Battery Spec.12.8V 57AH, LifePO4
Solar Panel Spec.Monocrystal 100W /18V
LED BrandBridgelux  3030
Luminous Flux13600lm
Light typeType II
CCT2700K‐6500K, RA>70
Charge time6‐8hours (Low battery voltage)
Worktime12‐15hours, 10‐12 cloudy/ rainy days
Working Temperature‐25℃-+65℃
Charge temperature<60℃
Body Sensor160°, >9m, Activated by customer's need
Mounting height8‐9m
Space between light25‐30m
Pole Diameter Fixture70‐76mm(suggestion)
RatingIP65 IK10
Induction TypeHuman infrared induction or microwave induction function
CertificationCE, ROHS, LM80
Warranty period3/5 years


Integrated Solar Street Light | Factory Price | MKLIGHTS

30W Integrated Solar Street Light


Integrated Solar Street Light | Factory Price | MKLIGHTS



What are the advantages and disadvantages of integrated solar street lights?

Integrated solar street lights are one sort of outdoor lighting device used to brighten roadways, highways, and other areas. Unlike split solar street lights, integrated solar street lights include the controller, battery, and lamp. A solar panel is mounted on top of the street light. The integrated street light's unique look makes it easier to install and move. Choosing between an integrated and a split type might be difficult. Do you understand what an integrated solar street light is? We will go through the benefits and drawbacks of integrated solar street lights in depth. Then you will understand how to choose the finest solar street light for your needs.

Advantages of integrated solar street light

1. The integrated solar street light is easy to install and carry, uses no power, and takes up no space. The rechargeable battery and solar controller are included in the lighting fixture, significantly boosting transportation efficiency. Furthermore, the integrated solar street light is simple to install; no technical team is required, and a few persons with little expertise can quickly install it, significantly lowering the cost of employing personnel.

2. Maintenance is straightforward; the solar panel and battery are integrated, and damaged components may be changed easily without the need for troubleshooting. Because of its long service life, the street light may essentially accomplish "zero maintenance" in the future usage process. It can achieve completely automated control without the need for staff management, lowering management expenses.

3. Solar street lights use solar panels and light sources, and some even incorporate light poles in a variety of new and attractive forms.

4. Powered by solar energy, the street light uses no conventional electricity and so saves money on operational expenses. Economical and energy-efficient. The motion sensor is used by the integrated all-in-one solar street light. PIR and microwave sensors are two types of motion sensors that are extensively utilized. The integrated street light with motion sensor is generally dimly lit; however, when people walk by, the light will flash at full power for 10 seconds. When people depart, the street light will be reduced to 30% power. It has the potential to save a significant amount of energy. Integrated solar street lights are ideal for places with plenty of sunlight, such as Africa.

Disadvantages of integrated solar street light

1. The solar panel's power is restricted. Typically, the power is proportional to the size of the solar panel. Because the solar panel is closely linked to the top of the light, the size of the solar panel is restricted for an all-in-one solar street lights. If you need brilliant illumination, the split solar street lamp is the way to go.

2. The solar panel's angle cannot be altered. The street lamp's solar panel should face the direction of the sun. Solar panels can only collect enough sunlight to create power when they are facing the sun.

3. The initial investment in integrated solar street lights is quite considerable, giving the impression that the cost is excessive; nevertheless, installing high-quality integrated solar street lights eliminates power bills and significantly reduces maintenance expenses. It will undoubtedly be more cost-effective than standard street lighting.

To get the optimum performance, the integrated solar street light employs a lithium iron phosphate battery. Among the batteries utilized in the solar street light industry, the lithium iron phosphate battery is the most cost-effective. As solar street lighting technology advances, it will gradually replace more conventional street lights. The integrated solar street light is low-cost, low-maintenance, and has a long lifetime. There is no question that the integrated solar street light can provide standard illumination. As previously stated, the integrated solar street light has an energy-saving motion sensor. Its benefits significantly outweigh its drawbacks. If you're having trouble deciding, talk to a competent solar street light maker.

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