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SC LED Street Light

SC city street lighting can meet four types of mounted, top post mounted, steel rope mounted, suspension mounted and pole side entry mounted, It can be used for garden lights, road light, park lot light, urban and other different lighting applications. Tool-less buckle design, easy to open the lamp for maintenance or replacement of accessories for a led street lamp, deeply loved by electricians for main street lighting.

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Municipal LED Streetlighting Makes a Difference

Caltrans is switching to highway lighting, which will benefit Californians for decades. LED fixtures, including traffic signal poles certified by Caltrans, may cut maintenance costs, saving taxpayers money. These LED lights are both environmentally friendly and safer.

Caltrans LED lighting in California is less expensive, safer, and environmentally friendly. Here's everything you need to know:

Cost of LED Roadway Lighting

If you travel the highways in California, you are aware that there are lights installed to assist drivers detect obstructions and prevent collisions. These are not inexpensive to maintain, costing around $20 million every year. LED highway lights are less expensive, last longer, burn cooler, and need fewer maintenance personnel.

Additionally, less maintenance means less time spent with road closures, which may disrupt the flow of traffic and Californians' morning and afternoon commutes.

LED Roadway Lighting Security

When traffic lights must be maintained or repaired, maintenance personnel are placed in grave danger. It is unsafe to operate on these lights; this is another benefit of LED's durability.

Traditional high-pressure sodium lights must be replaced or repaired every four to five years, but LED highway lighting is anticipated to last about 15 years with minimum care. Less maintenance equals fewer road closures.

LED Roadway Lighting Sustainability

What about sustainability, then? LED lights and fixtures are more environmentally friendly and a key way to save energy and reduce carbon footprints. Caltrans has pledged to reduce the impacts of greenhouse gases on the environment, and LED lighting are a huge step in the right direction, saving energy and money to a large extent.

The newly implemented retrofitting lighting system has the potential to reduce carbon dioxide emissions by up to 20,000 tonnes per year. This is important and sustainable, since it is comparable to eliminating approximately 3,000 automobiles off the road.


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