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RC LED Flood Light

RC flood lamps have Excellent appearance with 3 kinds of installation methods for optional, recessed, bracket and surface mounted, can be used for gas station light, toll stations, underground parking lots, outdoor advertising lighting, etc., power range 80 to 150w, light efficiency of RC led flood lamps is up to 160lm/w, optional Equipped with microwave or daylight sensor to realize intelligent control of outdoor floodlight.

People also ask

What Is the Difference Between a Flood Light and a Spotlight?

Flood lights are normally much brighter than spotlights, and have a broader beam angle.

How Do I Choose a Flood Light?

The following factors should be considered when choosing a flood light:

- Lumens: how bright it is

- CRI: how realistic colour appears

- Colour Temperature: cool white, warm white or daylight white

- IP Rating: how waterproof it is

- IK Rating: can it handle impact and vandalism

- Beam angle: how broadly the light is projected

- Voltage: whether it is 240V or 12V

What Are Motion Sensor Flood Lights?

When activated (or tripped) by a sensor, motion-sensing floodlights emit a strong light. They will be turned off again shortly. These lights save money since they do not need to be on all night and also function as a'surprise element,' which is a very effective deterrent against intruders.

When to use a LED floodlight?

The most apparent use would be for a football game. Numerous high schools and colleges want these lights to remain operational each week so that the audience can see what is happening. This is an imperative need, given that some of these football games will take place at times when no one will be able to see anything. This will also be seen from a horizontal position, which will make it very simple for the audience to observe any significant events.

This might potentially be used for a nighttime music event. Occasionally, individuals want to be seen at night, but the most of the time, they want the artist to be visible as they enjoy the music. These floodlights may also be employed artistically to create an atmosphere of anticipation before people enter. It is one of the most important roles since it may make or break the experience for the audience that has spent the time to visit. If these lights do not function, their efforts may not be worthwhile.

Political or religious rallies are one of the most crucial instances in which a group might wish to employ these lights. In this instance, the speakers will discuss matters that have a significant impact on the outside world. The tone should constantly be solemn and convey the impression that visitors should listen to what they have to say. The major speakers may introduce people that want you to look at them, which is why lighting is crucial in this instance. It is also possible that these public personalities apply makeup while delivering their addresses.


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