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BB LED Flood Light

The whole outdoor flood light fixture is made of anodized tensile aluminum, high corrosion resistance, modular design for easy maintenance and replacement in the future, waterproof grade IP66, BB series flood light can also be used as high bay led light fixtures for Industrial lighting. The beam Angle of BB floodlight can be 60,90 and 110 degrees, to meet different installation heights and installation distances.

People also ask

What Is a Flood Light?

A flood light is a very bright, high-powered light with a wide beam angle used to illuminate a big area. The great majority of floodlights used in business settings nowadays are LEDs. Almost all floodlights are waterproof, therefore rain has no negative effect on the fixture.

Why Are They Called Flood Lights?

Flood is a term that has nothing to do with water. Because they flood the area with light, flood lights are thus named.

Where Are Flood Lights Used?

Stadiums, parking lots, shops, swimming pools, squares, airports, mines, work sites, storage, playgrounds, and warehouse exteriors are some of the most popular outdoor locations where floodlights are used.

What Are the Benefits of LED Flood Lights?

LED Flood Lights have the following advantages: 

- They are very energy efficient; 

- They are weatherproof; 

- They emit very little heat;

- They are very affordable; 

- They are very safe; 

- They are environmentally friendly; 

- They provide a great deal of security for buildings.

What Should Be Considered When Installing Flood Lights?

The following considerations should be made while installing floodlights:

- Mounting height: how high the flood light should be mounted. For every 10m of distance you want to illuminate on the ground, you need lift the floodlight 5m vertically.

- Spacing: how far apart the floodlights should be placed. In general, the distance between floodlights should be four times their vertical height.

- Aiming: this is where the floodlight should be directed. As a general rule, the floodlight should be directed at a location covering two-thirds of the area to be illuminated.


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