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Dialux simulation

Professional optics make business easier!

Experienced Dailux simulation help win big projects!

With the help of lighting simulation software, lighting design can simulate and optimize light distribution, and direct the light precisely to where it is needed.


MKLIGHTS provides its customer with professional lighting design solutions. A mature team with timely service to provide more energy-saving, more efficient and more visual comfort lighting design service. There is always a professional and trustworthy team standing behind you and providing lighting solutions.

Lighting simulation has become an important part of outdoor lighting design. It enables the creative design of lighting solutions through the use of light simulator software. MKLIGHTS' lighting simulation services help architects and designers design buildings that make the best use of lighting and natural light.




Dialux Simulation Design of Road Street LightingDialux Simulation Design of Tunnel LightingDialux Simulation Design of Warehouse Lighting




Dialux Simulation Design of Gas Station LightingDialux Simulation Design of Tennis Court LightingDialux Simulation Design of Stadium Lighting




Dialux Simulation Design of Parking Lot LightingDialux Simulation Design of High Bay LightingDialux Simulation Design of Advertising Lighting

How we can make it:

Through communicating with customers, to get enough detailed project information and better understand customer needs.With rich lighting experience, our lighting team can recommend suitable lighting fixtures according to different occasions and working environments, choose the right beam angle, the right installation angle, and then adjust the lighting fixtures to achieve the best simulation effect respecting lighting standards.Case Simulation feedback from customer helps a lot. By comparing the simulation effect with the actual lighting effect, so that to optimize the simulation plan, and become more mature step by step.agi32-lighting-design.jpg

We know you've got other things on your plate apart from making lighting solution. That's why we manage the lighting simulation and help find the most suitable solution, so you can focus on your business, to get more chances and win more projects.While you take care of your core business, we will take care the rest! Let's work together and make it!

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