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RA LED Canopy Light

As MKLIGHTS 1st generation LED canopy light, this series is still welcomed by our client. The sales of this light can reach 2000 pieces per year. RA series canopy light fixture are excellent choice and energy-saving way to light your gas station. Bright lighting provides a visually attractive and safe environment for your customers. Compared to metal halide lamps, you can save up to 70% on your energy costs with this series. This led gas station canopy lights can be easily installed in new or retrofit applications directly to ceiling. The die cast aluminum alloy housing provides excellent heat dissipation providing 100,000 hour long service time.

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What are Canopy Lights?

Canopy Lights are a form of area light that illuminates a broad area. They are also known as parking garage lights or gas station lights. In outdoor places such as loading docks, petrol stations, storage facilities, parking garages, and underpasses, canopy lighting increases the feeling of security. They are commonly available in square and circular shapes and are rated to resist outside environments according to a variety of IP standards.

Advantages of LED Canopy Lights vs Metal Halide (MH)

LED Canopy Lights may give brighter, more constant illumination at lower energy costs than their metal halide (MH) equivalents. In addition, they need less maintenance than metal halide lamps since no bulbs need to be replaced. LED diodes used in LED Canopy Lights are certified to endure a minimum of 50,000 hours, with some diodes guaranteed to last up to 100,000 hours. Compare this to the usual metal halide bulb lifetime of 6,000 to 15,000 hours.

Metal halide light bulbs have rapid lumen depreciation during their lifetime. In the first six months of operation, a 400W metal halide bulb that generates 20,000 lumens and has a life expectancy of 15,000 hours might lose up to 20% of its lumens, indicating that a 20,000-lumen metal halide bulb produces just 16,000 lumens. LEDs retain their lumens far better during their lives.

LED canopy lighting has another benefit over metal halide in that it reduces upward light loss. Metal halide lamps produce light omnidirectionally, which means that light is released in all directions. Therefore, metal halide lights need a rear reflector to assist reflect part of the upward light back down where it may be used. Due to this, metal halide fixtures may lose up to 30 percent of their light. LED fixtures, on the other hand, emit light straight from the diode, making it simple to direct all light downward and avoid light loss.

Some LED canopy lights are even color-tunable, in the sense that the fixture offers several color temperature possibilities. This enables the client to set the desired color temperature and the optimal color temperature for the area being illuminated. Color-tunable LED canopy lights are advantageous for contractors since a single system can accommodate various color temperature requirements from customers.


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