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150w LED Canopy Lights for Gas Station

Series A 150w LED canopy lights for gas station adopts modular design, easy for maintaining and upgrading, Philips LEDs and Meanwell driver, ensure high efficiency and long lifetime, ATEX approved, suitable for flammable and explosive places such as gas stations.

Key features

Led canopy lights for gas station

Wide power range: 40W~200W

Special circuit design, single LED's damage won't affect others' normal work

Modular design for easy installation, replacement and maintenance.

High Lumen output up to 140lm/w with high quality LED chips

Multiple lighting control options are available, e.g. DALI, 1-10V, Motion sensor

Designed to last at least 100,000 hours at L70

Multiple lighting distributions are available

CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP65

7 years limited warranty available.



Gas station, Toll station, Petrol station and etc


Led canopy lights

LED BrandLumileds  LUXEON 3030
Driver BrandMeanwell  HLG series
Nominal Wattage120W
LED Module Quantity3 modules
Input Voltage100-240/277/347/480VAC
Power Efficiency>90%
Power Factor>0.95
Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency135lm/w
Lamp Rated Lumen output20250 lm (Lumen tolerance +/- 5%)
Color Rendering Index70 (80 is optional)
Color Temperature3000,  4000, 5000 or 5700K
Photometric Type110 degrees
Optimal Operating Temperature25℃
Storage Temperatures-40°C~50°C
Working EnvironmentBetween-40°C~+50°C, 10%~90%RH
Total Harmonic Distortion<10%
Lumen Maintenance>100,000 hours -L70, @25 ºC (77 ºF)
BodyStretching Aluminum
CoverPC  lens
RatingIP65  IK10
Protection Class  I ( Class II optional)
CertificationCE, ROHS, LM80
Dimming Options1-10V or DALI  or PWM or Timer
Control OptionsMotion  sensor or Smart control
Color OptionsWhite
Warranty7  years



  1.  What are the Advantages of LED Gas Station Lighting?

    They include increased illumination, sustainable and eco-friendly lighting, as well as robust and weather-resistant lights that need less maintenance and improve safety.

    Improved Illumination at a Gas Station Using LED Lights

    There are several illumination alternatives for a petrol station. Previously, they utilized standard fluorescent lights, which used a great deal of electricity. However, with advancements in technology and innovation, LED lighting is a superior alternative.

    When compared to other lighting options, LED lights have been shown to give superior illumination. The primary reason why LEDs produce such high-quality light is due to their CRI rating. CRI is an abbreviation for color rendering index. CRI is the abbreviation for the technology that delivers illumination that is the same too, or nearly identical to, reality, hence providing a more realistic experience.

    Additionally, CRI assists in reproducing the precise hue of the surrounding items. They are capable of dispersing a broad spectrum of light. Installing LED lighting enables you to spot a gas station from miles away.

    A Gas Station's Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Lighting

    LED lighting is much superior to other types of lighting. LED lights are very efficient at conserving electricity. This is why they are a long-term viable solution. Their energy usage is far less than that of any other kind of lighting.

    According to the experts, an LED light uses 75% less energy. Additionally, it has a twentyfold longer life. These characteristics contribute to its eco-friendliness. They are unquestionably a feasible and environmentally friendly option.

    Qualities that are durable and resistant to the elements

    As previously proven, installing LED light sources at petrol stations may be both inexpensive and environmentally benign. However, its durability and weather-resistant capabilities might be improved. LED lights are constructed in such a way that they can withstand the hardest weather conditions, whether they be rainstorms or snowstorms. They are the optimal option, particularly at petrol stations where maintenance does not occur at regular intervals.

    Another point to consider is that since LED lights are set at a considerable height at a gas station, it is difficult to access them on a regular basis for maintenance. As a result, they are very tolerant of adverse environments. They come with an exterior cover that protects them from damage and functions as an additional layer of protection.

    LED lighting at a petrol station needs less upkeep.

    With so many combined advantages, another standout feature is its cheap maintenance cost. After installing LED lights, it is quite rare for an error to occur. They do not need continuous maintenance in the same way as fluorescent lights do. In contrast, fluorescent lamp maintenance may be rather costly.

    The design of an LED light ensures that it conserves energy and is also resistant to extreme weather conditions. They already boast a twentyfold increase in lifespan. Additionally, LED lights contribute to cost savings in terms of maintenance and energy use.

    Increase safety at a gas station by installing LED lighting.

    A critical and fundamental characteristic of LED lighting is its low heat output. It generates the least amount of heat, which is ideal for a petrol station. Any additional and needless heat generated at a petrol station might result in dangerous scenarios. This may potentially be fatal.

    LED lights operate at a very low voltage. This is why they do not represent a danger to a gas station's safety. In the event of an emergency, they will undoubtedly avoid aggravating the situation.

    The Overall Benefits of LED Lighting

    Because LED lights do not need reflectors or diffusers, they do not impede light. They radiate light in their entirety. White light is produced by LEDs, which are composed of red, green, and blue LEDs. They are no longer restricted to residential areas. LED lighting is being used by an increasing number of industrial and commercial sectors to address illumination issues. This is why it is advantageous to save energy on a bigger scale.

    It does not exclude the emission of light in all directions. You may be confident that no light will be squandered. Due to their effectiveness, they have gained popularity in almost every industry.

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