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120w Petrol Station Canopy lighting

120w Petrol Station Canopy lighting is an important factor for gas stations to attract customers. The bright and comfortable lighting gives drivers a sense of safety and makes customers want to go again after visiting once. As a LED canopy light manufacturer, MK can provide a complete set of gas station lighting Simulation design solution.

Key features

120w petrol station light

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Up to 100,000hrs @ L70, low maintenance cost

World class, approbated quality components (LEDs /Driver /etc.)

Tempered glass cover, easy for cleaning

Compact die-cast structure, solid mechanism, and reliable quality

ATEXcertification allows the lamps to be used safely in flammable and explosive areas

Optional installations accessories for recessed, surface, and bracket mounting

CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP66

Multiple lighting distributions are available

Multiple lighting control options are available, e.g. DALI, 1-10V, Motion sensor

5 years warranty



Petrol station, Gas station, Warehouse, Logistic hall, Toll station, Exhibition center, Workshop


120w Petrol Station Canopy lighting

Petrol station light factory

LED BrandLumileds  LUXEON 3030
Norminal Wattage120W
LED Quantity192pcs
Input Voltage100-240/277/347/480VAC
Power Efficiency>90%
Power Factor>0.95
Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency160 lm/w
Lamp Rated Lumen output19200 lm (Lumen tolerance +/- 5%)
Color Rendering Index70 (80 is optional)
Color Temperature3000K, 4000K, 5000K, or 5700K
Photometric Type60°,  90°, or 120°
Optimal Operating Temperature25℃
Storage Temperatures-40°C~50°C
Working EnvironmentBetween-40°C~+50°C,   10%~90%RH
Total Harmonic Distortion< 10%
Lumen Maintenance> 100,000 hours -L70, @25 ºC (77 ºF)
BodyHigh-pressure die-cast aluminum
CoverUV-resistant Polycarbonate+Tempered glass
RatingIP66  IK10
Protection Class  I ( Class II optional)
CertificationCE, OHS, LM80
Dimming Options1-10V or DALI  or PWM or Timer
Control OptionsMotion  sensor or Smart control
Color OptionsWhite
Warranty5  years


120w petrol station light

petrol station light, petrol station light factory, petrol station light supplier, petrol station light manufacturer, petrol station light quotes

120w petrol station light


120w petrol station light

petrol station light, petrol station light factory, petrol station light supplier, petrol station light manufacturer, petrol station light quotes



What are some advantages of LED Lighting?

Energy efficiency is critical in many industries, and LED lighting is the obvious victor in this field. LEDs convert up to 80% of electrical energy to light energy, compared to incandescent bulbs, which operate at roughly 20% efficiency. As a result, lower-wattage LED lights may be used to replace equivalent light fixtures. A 90W LED street light, for example, may replace a 200W metal halide street light.

LED lights have a rated lifetime usage that is sometimes eight times longer than other lighting options, resulting in much lower maintenance expenses. This is particularly true in places with a large number of bulbs, such as an office building, arena, or city tower.

The initial cost of LED lights may be mitigated by tax credits for those who qualify, and all customers will experience a return on investment in the form of energy and maintenance savings over time.

What are the types of canopy lights?

Gas Station Canopy Lighting

If you operate a 24-hour company, Gas Station Canopy Lights are a fantastic energy-saving alternative that can gradually lower your power cost.

Square Canopies

These are the square-shaped fixtures that can only be installed on poles with square mounting. Choosing square-shaped lamps can help you save a lot of money over traditional lighting. They come in a range of sizes ranging from 6 to 18 inches.

Round Canopy

Round Canopies mimic the form of the light fixture's polycarbonate lens. Round canopies may be installed using a J box or directly using wire.

Canopies for Parking Garages

The parking lot requires high-lumen lighting with good reflection. It is critical for the safety of the car at night.

How long can LED lights last?

A high-quality LED light may last for 50,000 hours or more, while the average is approximately 35,000 hours. However, this is entirely dependent on their design and how they dissipate heat from the LED chip. Encore LED lights may last up to 20 years, depending on how many hours they are used every day. LED lights, unlike conventional lighting products, do not entirely fail; instead, they fade. An LED lamp will be intended to give at least 70% of its original light output after 50,000 hours of operation (or its specified lifespan) (LOR). The lifespan is affected by a variety of parameters, including fixture design, LED chip type, ambient temperatures, and fixture design. The actual life of an LED is difficult to quantify and should be based on LM-80 measurements of the LED sources (measured by independent testing laboratories). MK LED lights that are well-designed get the best blend of light output and lifespan.

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