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How Much does Street Light Cost ?

How Much does Street Light Cost

The importance of street lights cannot be overstated. It's impossible to imagine life without them. Street lights keep the streets illuminated throughout the night, allowing us to go outside once it gets dark. When it comes to the cost of high-quality, low-cost street lights, few people are aware of how much money is required. However, there is no need to be concerned because this post examines all the costs list of street road lights that you should be aware of. It is always advantageous to know the truth ahead of time to complete a successful project.

Different types of street lights are used because street lighting is used in a variety of applications such as sidewalks, squares, pavement, and highways. High-pressure sodium, metal halide, fluorescent, halogen, and LED street lights are the most commonly used. By installing street lights, you can ensure that no injuries or accidents occur. You will also be responsible for ensuring the safety of drivers and pedestrians.

1. What Is the Cost of Replacing Street Lights?

Before we analyze the cost of street lights, it is critical to understand the cost of street light replacement. If you already have street lights, you must first assess the cost of disposing of them. Bear in mind that street light replacement and disposal can be rather costly. As a result, you should expect to spend money. The following calculation will provide an estimate of the cost of replacing street lighting.

Lists of Street Road Light Replacements and Pricing = Cost of Replacement Bulbs + Truck Rental + Man Lift Rental + Salary of At Least Two Workers

At the very least, the cost would be $800 for each project. However, in most cases, the cost of replacement will be far more. As a result, you should budget your costs appropriately. Lighting costs typically range between $2,000 and $4,000 in most circumstances.

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2. What Is the Cost of Installing a High-Efficiency Street Light?

The cost of installing street lights varies according to the type of lighting and the source of power. For instance, if you want to install 100W LED comparable street lights, you should budget at least $110. While LED streetlights are more expensive than high-pressure sodium or halogen lamps, they last over 80,000 hours. As a result, you would receive lighting for more than eight to ten times the duration of alternative solutions. When installing street lights, you must budget for labor and the actual installation. Street light poles are anticipated to cost between $2,000 and $3,000. In most cities, the cost of installation exceeds $1,000. However, if your project involves the construction of a bridge or highway, you will need to budget an additional 20%.

Now that you've read the list above, you're probably wondering why the cost of road street lamp installation is so high. This is since personnel and lifting platforms can be quite costly to purchase. Additionally, the full installation process might be somewhat time-consuming for the majority.

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3. What Is the Cost of Operating Street Lights?

After installing the street lights, you'll want to know how much it will cost to operate them. By and large, purchasing LED street lighting from MKLIGHTS results in cost savings. Continue reading to find the daily cost of street light energy consumption. Consider a kilometer-long two-lane freeway with a 40-meter pole spacing and 100 watt LED street lights. There should be 40 functional LED lights. As a result, the average cost of power should be roughly $0.12 kW/h. The streetlight’s operating cost would be 40 × 100 x 0.12/1,000 = $0.48 per hour.

On the other hand, if you use high-pressure sodium street lights, halogen street lights, or metal halide street lights, the cost of operating the street lights is $1 per hour. The following method will assist you in calculating the cost of operating a kilometer of street light on a daily basis.

$0.48 x 12 = $5.76

The preceding example is based on a 12-hour workday. This would result in a monthly payment of $172.8.

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4. How Much Does a High-Efficiency Street Light Cost?

When you acquire MKLIGHTS's high-efficiency street lights, you will enjoy near-zero maintenance expenditures for at least ten years. The reason you would not have to spend a lot of money on maintenance is that LED street lighting is extremely durable. If you install solar LED lights, you can further cut your energy use and expenditures.

Each year, the city of Los Angeles spends 42 million dollars monitoring and maintaining over 200,000 lights. This results in a $200 charge for each light to remain operational. Now, the reason for the high expense is that the lights are located at a height that is difficult to reach without the assistance of a cherry picker or truck. It is critical to keep in mind that maintenance costs vary according to the type of street light used. For example, LEDs require less maintenance than conventional outdoor lighting solutions such as HPS lights. Additionally, they typically last much longer, especially when purchased from a renowned manufacturer such as MKLIGHTS. You will receive a list of road street lighting, and all the lights are reasonably priced.

Street light maintenance is critical to the continued operation of street lights and the accessibility and safety of streets. Apart from monitoring the bulb's lifespan, there are numerous other components that must be examined. Add a maintenance routine to the fixtures to extend their life.

4.1 Video of MKLIGHTS High-Efficiency Street Light

4.2 Download the datasheet for High-Efficiency Street Light

Datasheet_SE_LED Street Light.pdf

Installation Manual_StreetLight_SE.pdf

5. Conclusion

After reading this post, you will understand how much street lights cost. Make certain to read the entire post to learn about all the costs related to street lighting. Contact MKLIGHTS to invest in the greatest lighting.

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