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LED Projector Light


MKLIGHTS Stadium Light is optimized for customers requiring a LED solution for expressway, freeway interchanges, sports fields, airports and other large area applications. The modern design incorporates the big heat sink for heat transfer to prolong LED life. This reliable LED Sports Lighting has a 100,000-hour design life, significantly reducing maintenance needs and expense over the life of the fixture. This efficient solution lowers energy consumption compared to traditional HID fixture for additional operating cost savings.

We carry both LED Stadium Light and LED Sports Lighting that are great for indoor and outdoor sports arenas and stadiums. LEDs offer a number of advantages over traditional metal halide and HID fixtures. LEDs are sure to save you money on energy and maintenance costs as they consume less power and last 4-5 times longer than traditional lights. LEDs also run much cooler than HID and metal halide bulbs, reducing the strain on air conditioning systems. Another great advantage of LED stadium lights is they do not buzz or flicker like traditional lighting systems.


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