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LED Tunnel Light


MKLIGHTS Tunnel Light is suitable for use in all tunnel and underpass areas for roadway and railroad applications. Design with IP66 rating, low copper aluminum housing, surface oxidation treatment process designed to meet a longtime salt fog rating. Tunnel of Light universal design can be applied to either wall or ceiling mount tunnel lighting applications with an optional adjustable feature for various tilt angles.

Tunnel of Light intended for tunnels must include a robust mechanical design and materials capable of withstanding the challenges of a harsh environment and vibration over time. The LED tunnel light family excels at this while also providing the best lighting performance and controls solutions in the industry. With two models to choose from, you now have a reliable state-of-the-art tunnel lighting solution available to you for virtually any tunnel or underpass application.

People also ask

What is tunnel lighting?

Good tunnel lighting ensures that the driver adapts to the light inside the tunnel at the entrance of the tunnel. It creates a safe driving environment by providing adequate lighting throughout the tunnel. The driver must enter the tunnel without any negative impact, pass through the tunnel and exit the tunnel.

What are the benefits of tunnel lights?

Tunnels are a necessity for many people to travel, and their good lighting is an important requirement for those responsible for maintaining them. The tunnels need to be lit 24 hours a day, which can consume a lot of energy, but if halogen lamps are used, they only provide lower quality light. Travelers are frustrated by the amount of time and trouble it takes to replace the lights in the tunnels if they go out.

Improve lighting for drivers and workers

LED tunnel light is the answer to these questions. The traditional location of halogen lights means that tunnels are still dark and can be dangerous, especially if certain lights are flashing. LED tunnel lights are positioned to allow for maximum light efficiency.

Best LED Lighting's tunnel lights can be fixed at a variety of angles, which is crucial to ensuring that the human eye can adapt to changes in light. Because the LED's white light mimics natural daylight, the driver's adjustment time is shortened, leading to safer driving conditions. The lights at the beginning of the tunnel need to be brighter and then fade away, so LED tunnel lights are ideal for this situation as they are available in a variety of sizes from 40 to 160 watts.

Well-placed LED tunnel lights will also make the interior of the tunnel brighter and reduce the feeling of being in an enclosed space. LED tunnel lights are not only a more energy efficient option, they also help make traveling through tunnels a more comfortable experience for travelers

Bring energy efficiency to you and the environment

LED lights not only provide better lighting quality and durability, but they can also save up to 90 percent on electricity bills. The cost is high because the tunnels require 24/7 lighting. Once the LEDs are installed, they will get a quick return on their investment, and you will see a significant reduction in energy costs. This means that as a business, you can not only save money but also significantly reduce your carbon footprint.

Use LED tunnel lights to reduce maintenance

Construction quality is another important factor for LED tunnel lights, as pollution and changing conditions mean the lights will be exposed to elements. Once installed, the LEDs can run for thousands of hours with minimal maintenance. For roads that operate 24/7, this will help reduce traffic congestion over a longer period of time. Another significant advantage of LED tunnel lights is that the bulbs do not flicker incessantly at the end of their service life, but fade away. That means you'll get plenty of warnings when you change your bulb.

Choose the MK lighting for tunnel lights

As a leading LED lighting supplier for many industries, we have the expertise to help you plan and install LED tunnel lights. We pride ourselves on providing quality LED lights that provide excellent results and savings.


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