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RB LED Canopy Light

With the modular design, RB led canopy light can be easy maintenance and upgrade in the future, whole luminaire is made of anodized tensile aluminum, high corrosion resistance, waterproof grade IP66, the beam Angle can be 60,90 and 110 degrees, to meet different installation heights and installation distances. ATEX certified RB canopy light fixture also named gas station light, can be used for petrol station lighting.

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Why do gas stations choose LED Canopy Light?

Gas stations and convenience stores are notorious for being very energy-intensive lighting businesses. Operating traditional canopy lights can end up costing a lot of money due to the need to keep the lights on for extended service from early morning to late night. Before LED technology hit the market, homeowners were forced to purchase lighting fixtures that were often inefficient and required constant replacement, placing a considerable financial burden on the business.

These traditional canopy metal halide HID and high-pressure sodium HPS units typically account for the highest electricity usage at a most gas station and convenience store locations. While these fixtures have been the best option on the market for a long time, fortunately, times have changed for the better. As the efficiency of LED technology increases year by year, gas station and convenience store operators are now free to save more energy and invest in their business with products like LED gas station lights.

MKLIGHTS LED lighting fixtures are specially manufactured for petrol station canopy applications. These innovative looking LED gas station lights are the perfect way to increase cost savings through energy efficiency and maintenance savings while improving the quality of light in the illuminated area. Since gas stations often have high lighting maintenance costs and high electricity bills, installing these 100,000+ hour bulb life units can not only save you over 50% on your electricity usage, but save thousands by not having to pay for maintenance calls Dollars, lamps,s and ballast replacement, and general maintenance contracts.

Retrofitting 24-hour businesses such as gas stations, service stations, and convenience stores, whether it’s recessed LED ceiling light fixtures for ambient lighting or surface mount fuel pump lights, requires durable light sources that can provide high-quality lighting 24/7. These applications benefit from the energy savings, excellent color rendering, and long lamp life of our LED gas station ceiling lighting fixture range.

Our service station LED lighting and LED gas station fixtures are installed in over 80 countries including everything from rectangular surface-mounted LED parking lot fixtures to ceil LED ceiling retrofit kits. The unmatched longevity and high-quality lighting of LED lighting bring maintenance-free installation options to gas stations and convenience stores that can last for many years with a lower total cost of ownership. Investing in LED canopy lights will be a business decision that will positively impact all parts of your business.


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