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LED Canopy Light


Finding the right lighting solution can make or break any location. When looking for the right lighting for your location, our selection of affordable LED canopy light is the perfect solution. Designed for outdoor use in a variety of commercial and professional settings, such as bus depots, gas stations, and more, these traditional Gas Station Canopy Light offer reliable performance in all sorts of weather, so you don't have to worry about constantly replacing fixtures. While Recessed Canopy Light is designed to be durable to withstand the elements, the added benefit of the exceptional efficiency and lumen out of LED makes this an even better investment for your business.

Gas Station Canopy Light is ideal for replacing Metal Halide Gas Station applications.Recessed Canopy Light has a beautiful low profile design intended for gas stations or other commercial lighting applications, Supports ceiling mount or conduit pipe mount. High-performance illumination that lasts 100,000 hrs. It's ideal for replacing 250-400W Metal Halide fixtures


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