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The projects for street lights cover a wide range, and for a demanding requirement for street lighting in the market, energy-saving and easy maintenance are critical. MKLIGHTS LED street light take every aspect into consideration. 

Power ranges from 15W to 300W for different applications such as roadway, pathway, outside parking lot, rural road, etc. Multiple light distributions and intelligent controls available contribute significantly to reducing costs, delivering perfect illumination, and avoiding light pollution. As LED street light manufacturer and factory in China, It will be amazing while choosing the MKLIGHTS street lights family.

If you are looking for high-power, high-quality lighting solutions for your outdoor space, check out our wide selection of LED Street Light. The perfect companion to streets, parking lots, and any other wide-open area in need of a high volume of light LED roadway light will provide the illumination you need in any environment. Made specifically to withstand the rigors of Outdoor Street Light, they will remain durable and reliable through any weather, withstanding moisture, debris, and other hazards to continue to provide great visibility for you and your customers and clients every day. 

Peopole also ask

What are the most types of street lights?

Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). This technology is used by the bulk of our street lights and a growing number of signage and bollards. They are the most similar to natural light, use less energy, and emit less greenhouse gases.

High pressure sodium lights. These provide a golden hue. They are used in locations where a more natural hue is desired, such as city centres and conservation zones. They are also widely used in other regions.

Low pressure sodium lights. These generate the well-known orange colour and are being phased out as manufacturers transition to LED manufacturing.

Fluorescent tubes. Some pedestrian subways and traffic signals are illuminated with these tubes. They possess a natural hue.

How is LED lighting different from our current lighting?

LED street lights are different from the current street lights in a number of ways:

1. Lower energy consumption

2. Lower environmental footprint

3. Significantly longer lifespan. On average, LEDs last three times as long as the current lights

4. LEDs come in a variety of colors (bright white to yellow orange)

5. No mercury, lead or other known disposable hazards

6. Night visibility will be improved due to higher color rendering, higher color temperature, and increased

7. luminance uniformity

How long is 100,000 hours of LED street light lifetime?

Street Lights switch on when the ambient light falls to a certain level, typically 35 lux and will operate for shorter hours in the summer months and longer during the winter months, to reflect the changes in the seasons.

Therefore, over a typical year a street lighting unit operating in these conditions will be switched-on for around 4,100 hours. Based on these annual hours of operation, the LED street lights are expected to operate between 20-25 years. 


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