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SE LED Street Light

The power range of SE led street light is from 20 watts to 240 watts. The high transmittance lens combined with the glass greatly improves the efficiency of the street lamp, up to 170lm/ W. No tool buckle design, back smooth self-cleaning design, the body of road lamp full die-cast aluminum design, protection rated up to IP66, IK10, optional power cutoff protector, standard breathing apparatus, horizontal bubble, support both horizontal and vertical installation, these designs meet the requirements of most national street lighting bidding projects.

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Why Proper Lighting Is Required for Roadway?

Before proceeding with the lighting design, you must comprehend the function of highway lighting.

One of the primary objectives of highway illumination is to extend the range of vehicle headlights. It increases both the longitudinal and horizontal vision range. Good illumination will assist motorists to notice road features. It will become easier for highway users to notice items on or near the route.

In addition, with sufficient illumination, you can easily distinguish the roads and observe the surrounding region. This will even make utilizing the street less unpleasant for drivers.

What are Visibility Requirements of Roadway Lighting?

Vision is without a doubt one of the most important methods to acquire information. Illumination increases the visibility of humans. For example, if the illumination is inadequate, it will impair your eyesight and make it harder to discern information. In the same manner, good lighting improves eyesight and makes it easier to identify information.

Contrast is another factor that influences visibility. It represents the difference between background and object brightness. When the contrast between objects and background increases, so does the ability to differentiate.

If the background is bright, glare will result, reducing the contrast level. This makes it difficult to observe everything. Therefore, proper lighting is required to enhance the visibility of users.

How to dim led street lights?

Although LED street lighting has better luminous efficiency than gas discharge lamps, the only method to save energy is to use LED dimming technology. Especially in urban road lighting projects, when there are few automobiles and people on the road in the middle of the night, if the high illuminance of road lighting is still maintained, there is not only any real illumination value but also wasted electricity. People's travel requirements will be met and energy will be conserved if the brightness of the LED street light is suitably dimmed in the middle of the night, consequently conserving power and electricity.

MK lighting is a reputable maker of LED street lamps. Dimming LED street lamps is accomplished primarily by dimmable LED driving power. Currently, the majority of MK's LED street lights employ the following dimmable LED driving power supplies:

The first kind is timing dimming. Set the time the controller will turn on and off in advance to save electricity.

The second kind is 0-10VDC signal dimming control. Consequently, two signal control lines are pulled from the LED's power source. When a 0-10V voltage signal is supplied on the signal control line, the LED driving power supply adjusts the output voltage or current based on the signal voltage, thereby modifying the LED street light's brightness.

The third form is dimming controlled by DALI. DALI is now the world's most sophisticated lighting control technology. It can control each bulb independently, achieve linear control of brightness, colour temperature, color, etc., control lamps in groups, configure various scenarios, schedule jobs, and monitor energy usage, among other functions. The DALI system-compatible lights and lanterns may be managed by a computer or other mobile terminals.

Today, when the energy crisis is escalating and environmental quality is deteriorating, it is the duty of every lighting project developer to campaign strongly for energy-efficient and intelligent urban road lighting projects. MK is creative lighting, healthy living, and an in-depth description of the long-term idea of MK lighting. It is founded on leading technology and leading quality, as well as people's health and social ecology, responsibility, and long-term development objectives.


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