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GB LED Garden Light

Post top lighting, LED garden lighting or decorative area lighting are usually used for exterior lighting designed for roads, passages, parking lots, campuses, and parks, including business and education. This form of exterior lighting is usually installed vertically on a light pole with a height between 7 feet and 20 feet.

Some of the most commonly used post top lighting applications used in the past are metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, and mercury vapor lamps, all of which are all forms of high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps. As a more energy-saving, environmentally friendly, and long-life light source, LED garden lights are more and more applied to garden lighting.

People also ask

What is post top light?

Post top lighting refers to the outdoor lighting that is often fixed on poles and installed in highways, paths, parking lots, and business and academic campuses.

Can You Make Customized LED Post Lights?

We can adjust your LED light wattage, beam angle, color temperature, and other features. Our customer service team can help you review what works best for your business.

What LED chips do you use for your lighting products?

We mainly use BRIDGELUX, OSRAM, and LUMILEDS to produce our lights. These LEDs have excellent performance and can ensure that our lights have better results and longer working life. And in case if you have special needs, like Samsung, Nichia, Tridonic, Soul, Citizen, etc., we can also help.

What LED drivers do you use for your outdoor lighting?

We mainly use Mean Well, Inventronicsproduces our outdoor lighting products. These LED drivers are high quality and can ensure that our lights have better performance and a longer lifespan. And if you tend to prefer other brands, like Tridonic, Osram, Philips, etc., we can also help.


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