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TA LED Tunnel Light

Tunnel of Light intended for tunnels must include a robust mechanical design and materials capable of withstanding the challenges of a harsh environment and vibration over time. The LED tunnel light family excels at this while also providing the best lighting performance and controls solutions in the industry. With two models to choose from, you now have a reliable state-of-the-art tunnel lighting solution available to you for virtually any tunnel or underpass application.

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What are the features and advantages of LED tunnel lamp?

LED tunnel lighting is regarded as the most essential component inside tunnels. LED Tunnel Lights may unquestionably lower the incidence of automobile accidents by providing enough illumination. MK Lighting specializes in projects involving the use of LED lights for tunnels and provides lighting solutions for tunnels with varying needs and constraints. Due to their remarkable brightness, uniformity of lighting, and durability, LED tunnel lights have lately been recognized in many areas of the globe as the ideal answer for tunnels and underpasses, which were once known as gloomy and muddy passageways.

Energy Saving Feature of LED Tunnel Lights

LED tunnel lights are now the preferred tunnel lighting solution. It has a long operational life, superior stability, and high luminous efficiency. Increased demand for tunnels has resulted from the accelerated growth of global traffic volume. The demand for LED tunnel lighting is immediately growing due to safety and energy efficiency concerns. Existing high-intensity discharge (HID) lighting systems are being replaced with LED lights to illuminate public road networks, including tunnels. Today, LED lighting systems have shown to be excellent underpass and tunnel lighting installations. MH and HPS lighting equipment offer an ideal mix of proven mechanical structures, cheap cost, and great light intensity for the tunnel lighting system. For luminaires that fulfill tunnel lighting requirements, the MH and HPS lighting series may normally provide a maximum of 400 W. With Soli illumination, LEDs of 130W to 140W can do the same task. Thus, the energy usage has fallen to one-third of its original amount, allowing the operators to reduce their power use.

The benefits of LED tunnel lighting

As Soli Lighting, our primary mission is to demonstrate and present the superior qualities of LED lighting that demonstrate that LED road lighting fixtures are a short- and long-term investment in terms of lighting. Even when used 24 hours a day, seven days a week, the average lifespan of high-end LED lighting is projected to be 10 years. In addition, it is very efficient, which means that the difference between the power output and the power input is insignificant, resulting in a cheap lifetime cost. Despite variations across manufacturers, LED tunnel lighting has common qualities. First, it has an energy efficiency of at least 95 percent. Therefore, it utilizes 95% less energy than conventional lightings such as MH and HID. Second, the lifespan of the L70 is between 80,000 and 100,000 hours, indicating that the brightness will keep at least 70% of its initial value after 80,000 to 100,000 hours. Finally, the beam angle is 90 degrees for the vertical axis and 100 degrees for the horizontal axis, and the distribution is produced using the beam or curve model, which ensures uniform lighting. The required input voltage is AC 90-265V, which is suited for international installation. Additionally, our LED tunnel lighting is compatible with advanced light settings.

Anti-Glare LED Tunnel Lighting

Using advanced optical modeling and a uniform progressive light throw design, the LED tunnel lights' lens generates balanced, anti-glare lighting patterns throughout the tunnel, devoid of annoying glare and ghosting. As the compact LED array is comprised of individual module chips and a high-efficiency light source with a tailored beam pattern, it is consistent and can be simulated in DIALux prior to beginning LED tunnel lighting projects. Using the idea of total internal reflection, each LED's lens may be made larger, and this also applies to narrow beam angles.


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