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As a professional manufacturer of LED street light and LED flood light, MKLIGHTS has 12 years of design, R&D, and production experience, and has rich experience in structure, electronics, optics, simulation, testing, and certification. The design of street led light considers most of the municipal project bidding requirements, while strictly controlling the cost, and the cost is extremely high; the power range of outdoor flood light is from 20w-1000w, which can meet the power and luminous flux requirements of most areas of lighting; led canopy light It has passed strict explosion-proof ATEX certification and has many successful gas station lighting projects; the core component battery used in solar street lights is a new lithium iron phosphate battery with a new cycle of up to 3000 times, which ensures the life of the solar led street light; the highest luminous efficiency of the high bay led light reaches 190lm /W, far ahead of the market average, Class I, ClassII or Class III led luminaires are all available.

People also ask

What do leds stand for, and what are they?

At the tunnel's entrance, a well-lit tunnel guarantees that the motorist can adjust to the light within the tunnel. Providing appropriate illumination throughout the tunnel, it promotes a safe driving environment. The driver must enter the tunnel without causing any damage, traverse the tunnel, and then escape the tunnel. LED is an abbreviation for "Light Emitting Diodes," which are miniature lights used in electrical circuits. Diodes are tiny devices that permit only the unidirectional passage of electricity.

By enhancing the functioning and operations of electrical equipment and devices, it has fundamentally altered the lighting sector since its inception. The majority of electronic equipment and gadgets, such as digital clocks, watches, lights, and televisions, include LEDs.

LEDs are 75 percent more energy efficient, generate brighter illumination, and last 25 times longer than conventional lighting. LEDs do not overheat rapidly and are unaffected by climate or location.

Why is LED Lighting the next generation?

LED lights are one of the century's most life-altering breakthroughs. LED lights are simple and fast to install, and they save up to 75 percent of the energy of conventional lights.

In addition, the 50000 to 100000 hour lifetime of LED lights naturally decreases maintenance and replacement expenses. Importantly, the materials utilized in the design and production of LED lights do not affect the environment. Therefore, LED lights are regarded as the next generation of lighting.

What type of light quality can be expected with LED lights?

Mostly excellent lighting! To satisfy your general lighting needs, including expectations for brightness and color, LED lights are created in a sophisticated way using the most recent technology.

If not all, but the majority of LED lights include the Color Render Index (CRI) function, which allows you to see things' true colors instead of the somewhat yellow and brownish hues they have in ordinary lighting.

But in order to do so, you must use wise purchase strategies by evaluating the lighting items from a reputable and authorized LED retailer. To choose from a variety of indoor and outdoor LED lighting solutions, go to MK Lighting.

Where are LED lights being used?

LED lights are being used everywhere nowadays. Starting from streets, parks, homes, hotels, restaurants, shops, factories, warehouses, garages, parking areas, indoor and outdoor stadiums, shipyards, commercial spaces, conference halls, and many other places where the demand for brighter and energy-efficient lights is a topmost priority.

How long can LED lights last? 

LED lights from MK Lighting gradually last between 50000 and 100000 hours. Almost every MK Lighting LED light category is developed with highly mechanism and sophisticated characteristics, and they are laboratory tested before being made available.

However, it is ultimately dependent on your use and upkeep. LED lights, unlike other conventional lights, do not completely fail; instead, they fade. As a result, their odds of living longer are unavoidable.


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