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SSE 120W all in one solar street light

120W all-in-one solar street light adopts LED module, solar panel, lithium battery controller integrated into one design, also known as integrated solar street light. It does not require wiring and is directly fixed to the light pole. The mounting bracket is adjustable, and the light efficiency is up to 170LM/W.

Key features

All in one solar light

Wide power range: 30W~120W.

Solar panel + led chip + charge controller + battery all in one box.

High Lumen output up to 170lm/w with high-quality LED chips.

With Intelligent power regulation, the automatic judgment of weather, reasonable planning of discharge discipline.

With intelligent discharge management, Charge and discharge soft and hard dual protection, and intelligent equalization technology, deep cycle more than 2000 times.

High-end die-cast aluminum forming with anodic oxidation treatment appearance, Impact and high-temperature resistance, excellent corrosion resistance.

With intelligent remote control, UVA technology, long-distance remote control(up to 12meters), Wearable obstacle, have 4 modes lighting modes for choosing, adjusting brightness function, and so on.

Very easy to disassemble, install, and transport.


Street, highway, park lot, roadway, path, Gardens, etc


All in one solar street light

LED Number240units
Nominal Power120W
Battery Spec.LifePO4 Battery(12.8V 72AH)
Solar Panel Spec.18V 140W(Imported High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon)
LED BrandBridgelux 3030 High-Efficiency LED Chip
Lamp efficiency170lm/w
Luminous Flux20400lm
Viewing Angle140°
Charge time<6   Hours (Low battery voltage)
Discharge time3 -7  Cloudy/Rainy days
Discharge Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Charge temperature<60℃
With a remote control or notYes / Night Sensor+Microwave Motion  Sensor
Mounting height7-12M
Space between light27-41M
Lamps material of mainHigh-Class Aluminum
RatingIP65 IK10
Induction TypeMicrowave induction function
CertificationCE, ROHS, LM80
Warranty  period3  years


How To Choose The Best Solar Street Lighting Manufacturer For Your Projects?

The number of solar street lighting producers on the worldwide market has increased exponentially over the past few years. However, selecting the finest solar street lighting manufacturer for your company is not always straightforward. This essay will outline five critical factors to assist you in resolving your uncertainties.

1. Don't Trust Fast And Cheap Answer, Trust Company Strength.

Since 2008, solar energy as a renewable energy source has grown at an exponential rate. Each day, an increasing number of businesses enter this industry, owing to the growing demand for solar street lights and other cost-effective renewable energy solutions that allow for cost savings in terms of energy utilized. Oftentimes, we are duped by really cheap pricing and quick answers.

A quick and succinct answer may be devoid of depth and accuracy. If your project begins on the road and you are unsure of the sort of solar street light to install, you will need to do an in-depth analysis to determine the type of lighting system you need.

Always verify that your contact person is present and responsive to your demands, as well as that any data supplied has been interpreted properly and correctly. Promptness is not synonymous with accuracy and often inflated or underestimated bids are made just to provide you with a price.

MKLIGHTS has extensive expertise in the solar street light sector, and you can always count on an experienced team of engineers, designers, and salespeople to listen to your demands. We have a strong team dynamic, and you can always contact us to collaborate on the best solution for you.

2. Warranty Conditions

Warranty conditions are critical to the success of your initiatives. Typically, the warranties supplied by a solar street light manufacturer demonstrate the business's expertise.

However, it is often the case that many small businesses do not adhere to warranty conditions, and as a result, they withdraw entirely from the market. As a result, you should constantly inquire about the guarantees they give; and the warranty statement itself should be clear and properly defined.

3. You Should Pay A Visit To The Business

If feasible, you should pay a visit to the factory. Observing the industrial manufacturing line indicates whether or not this business is reputable.

MKLIGHTS regularly welcomes visitors to its facilities, and we are pleased to arrange a tour for you. You will get the chance to meet our engineers in person and discuss the specifics of your project with them.

4. Quality Assurance and Project Management

It is impossible to determine the quality of a product in advance; the only method to do so is via its quality control system and project cases.

MKLIGHTS utilizes a variety of testing equipment and comprehensive processes to ensure the product's quality. Always request a test sample prior to placing a big purchase. MKLIGHTS collaborates with a diverse range of clients on a daily basis and has built several projects across the globe.

5. Customer Support

It is critical that the customer care supplied is comprehensive from the start to the finish of the transaction. MKLIGHTS provides comprehensive support to its clients, from design to after-sales, owing to its highly experienced workforce. Here, you will always have a point of contact who is available to help you with any needs.

If we piqued your curiosity and you'd want to learn more about MKLIGHTS, you can contact us or leave us a note.

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