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50W solar street lights for sale

Commercial solar street lights, also known as integrated solar street lights or all-in-one solar street lights, solar panels, batteries, and controllers are assembled with LED street lights as a unit. As a solar street light manufacturer, MKLIGHTS not only sell solar street light but also provide free road lighting design.

Key features

Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights for Sale

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Wide power range: 30W~120W.

Solar panel + led chip + charge controller + battery all in one box.

High Lumen output up to 170lm/w with high-quality LED chips.

With Intelligent power regulation, the automatic judgment of weather, and reasonable planning of discharge discipline.

With intelligent discharge management, Charge and discharge soft and hard dual protection, and intelligent equalization technology, deep cycle more than 2000 times.

High-end die-cast aluminum forming with anodic oxidation treatment appearance, Impact and high-temperature resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance.

With intelligent remote control, UVA technology, long-distance remote control(up to 12 meters), Wearable obstacle, has 4 modes lighting modes for choosing, adjusting brightness function, and so on.

Very easy to disassemble, install, and transport.


Street, highway, park lot, roadway, path, Gardens, etc


Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights for Sale

LED Number160units
Nominal Power50W
Battery Spec.LifePO4  Battery(12.8V 36AH)
Solar Panel Spec.18V 70W(Imported High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon)
LED BrandBridgelux  3030 High-Efficiency LED Chip
Lamp efficiency170lm/w
Luminous Flux8500lm
Viewing Angle140°
Charge time<6   Hours (Low battery voltage)
Discharge time3 -7  Cloudy/Rainy days
Discharge Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Charge temperature<60℃
With a remote control or notYes / Night Sensor+Microwave Motion  Sensor
Mounting height5-7M
Space between light23-31M
Lamps material of mainHigh-Class Aluminum
RatingIP65 IK10
Induction TypeMicrowave induction function
CertificationCE, ROHS, LM80
Warranty  period3  years


Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights for Sale

SSE 50W Solar Street Light


Commercial Solar Powered Street Lights for Sale


How Do Solar Powered Street Lights Work?

During bright days, the solar panel's solar cells or photovoltaic cells may collect solar energy, store it in the battery, and convert it into electricity.

A clever PWM or MPPT controller communicates between the solar panel and battery to prevent overcharging. It monitors the voltage and current signal from the panel.

Voltage is the determining element for whether the light should be on or off.

When the controller detects a low voltage, the LED light will automatically turn on and the battery will be depleted; if the voltage rises, the light will turn off and the battery will begin to recharge.

As an integral component of solar street lighting, the smart controller also controls the following.

1. Time control (set standby time and holding time by a remote)

2. Motion detection (motion sensor is needed)

3. Low voltage disconnect protection

4. Dusk to dawn (photocell sensor is needed)

With the dusk-to-dawn photocell sensor, the solar street light may be switched on automatically as darkness falls. This process of discharging and recharging continues day and night.

If there is no timer setting on the solar street lights, the battery can typically power the lighting for 12 hours.

What are Solar Powered Street Lights Benefits ?

Since solar energy is a sort of renewable energy originating from the Sun, its usage is infinite.

In addition, it may be used again to power lighting fixtures without paying energy bills, unlike coal thermal power production or nuclear power generation, for which we must pay, although solar is greener and friendlier to Mother Nature.

What Are Solar Street Light Advantages And Disadvantages?

As a type of cordless technology, solar street lights are advantageous because you don't need or can't pull additional power lines out there but still require illumination, especially in rural areas without an electricity grid, and it doesn't consume electricity, so no money is spent lighting the area.

Additionally, since it is plugged into a low-voltage direct current (DC) line and not a 120-277V alternating current (AC) line, it is relatively safe and can be installed by yourself, saving you the expense of hiring an electrician.

The downside of the solar lighting system is also apparent; if overcast or rainy days linger for an extended period of time during the summer or winter, the battery cannot be recharged effectively, and the light cannot be re-lit once its energy supply runs out.

Another deficiency of solar street lighting systems is that the solar street light output wattage cannot be set too high owing to the limitation of the battery output power (often less than 100w), therefore its lumen output is typically significantly less than the case that is connected to the power grid.

Please note that the solar panel determines the quality of solar street lights; the greater the energy conversion rate, the better. Otherwise, you must replace the solar panel every one to two years if you choose low-quality materials.

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