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60w All in One Solar Street Light

60w integrated solar street light, also known as Integrated solar street light, the LED light, solar panel, lithium battery, controller are combined into one unit, very easy to install, no wiring, can be used directly fixed to the light pole, suitable for sufficient sunlight regions, such as the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, etc.,

Key features

All in one solar street light

Wide power range: 10W~60W

Special circuit design, single LED damage won't affect others' normal work

High Lumen output up to 145lm/w with high quality LED chips

Lithium battery improves the reliability of the luminaire

monocrystalline silicon solar panels, greatly improving solar energy conversion efficiency

Smart MPPT controller realizes intelligent control of lamps

Multiple lighting control options are available, e.g. Motion sensor, PIR sensor

CE/ RoHS/ IK10 /IP65

3 years limited warranty available.



Street, highway, park lot, roadway, path, Gardens and etc


Solar street light 60w

LED Number90units
Nominal Power60W
Battery Spec.45AH /11.1V
Solar Panel Spec.Monocrystal 100W /18V
LED   BrandPhilips Lumileds 3030 2D
Luminous Flux7800lm
Light type1S
Charge time<5 Hours (Low battery voltage)
Worktime at Energy
    -saving Model(30%)
more than 22 hours
Discharge Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Charge temperature<60℃
Light control voltage5-11V
Mounting height6-8m
Space   between light18-35m
Pole Diamerter FixtureRound pole: Φ60~85mm; Square pole : 60 x60 ~77 x77mm
RatingIP65 IK10
Induction  TypeHuman infrared induction or microwave induction function
CertificationCE, ROHS, LM80
Warranty  period3 years



  1.  Why Should Replace LED Street Light With Solar Street Light?

    Numerous businesses now use solar street lights for a variety of purposes, including road, square, parking lot, avenue, and highway lighting.

    And why did they switch from traditional LED street lights to solar LED street lights? To be honest, initiatives contain several hidden costs and inconveniences, particularly those that use typical led street lights.

    Allow me to clarify one by one:

    1. Installation costs

    Street Light with LEDs: (needs 11 steps) Determine the location of the light —-Dig trenches—-Bury pipe—-Concrete light base construction—-Lay wire—-Install control cabinet—-Ground insulation test—-Install light—-Test and commission—-Self-checking—- Acceptance of the project.

    Solar-powered LED street lighting: (only 5 steps) Locate light position—-Concrete base for light—-Test and commission—-Install light Acceptance of the project.

    Installing a solar-powered street light allows you to save money on the following: wire/wire pipe/control cabinet.

    2. Employee-related costs

    LED Street Lights: More stages need the hiring of additional employees

    Solar LED Street Light: Fewer steps equals fewer employees.

    3. Cost on time

    LED Street Lights: a project that is taking a long time to complete

    Solar LED Street Light: more efficient on the job

    Solar LED street light installation requires much less time than led street light installation. If the project is time-sensitive, as we all know, exact completion times are required.

    Solar LED street light is more appropriate, and you won't have to worry about a claim for a project delay.

    Notably, any delay will put an end to your future business in this industry.

    4. Maintenance costs

    Apart from the bulb, you must also maintain the wire, wire pipe, and cabinet.

    Solar LED Street Light: all that is required is to maintain the light.

    5. Cost of electricity

    LED Street Light: cables use energy, bulbs consume energy, cabinets consume energy, and energy prices continue to rise each year;

    Solar LED Street Light: 100% solar power, ZERO electric expenses.

    6. Recovering costs

    LED Street Lights In 5-6 years

    Solar LED street lights In 2-3 years

    As a result, you can understand the advantages of purchasing a single solar led street light. And here we offer our incredible solar LED street light, which performance much exceeds that of conventional led street lights.

  2. 5 Most Common Uses for Solar Street Lights

    1. Solar illumination for highways and roadways

    Solar lights for highways and roadways are also quite simple to install. The danger of accidents is lowered with the assistance of these lights since no external cables are required for electric connections. These lights may be simply deployed on distant roadways or highways that lack power. The LED Streetlight enhances pedestrian and motorist visibility. At night, a high-quality lighting LED light system enhances the beauty of metropolitan areas without harming the environment.

    2. Solar-powered industrial and commercial lighting

    The Solar LED lighting system has an excellent storage mechanism that enables three days of uninterrupted illumination without recharging. Industrial locations are larger in size, and as a result, need a significant quantity of power for outdoor lighting. When solar lights are installed, the cost of electric cables and maintenance is reduced. Consider a few of the Commercial Solar Lighting Services we provide.

    3. Airport Lighting Powered by Solar

    Numerous airports have solar street lights installed since they are simple to install and use no conventional power. These LED lights are movable and are put on the runway. On the other hand, maintenance is required once every seven years. These lights are used to ensure the safety of aircraft operations throughout the night.

    4. Solar-powered lighting for parks and playgrounds

    Solar lighting systems for parks and playgrounds are advantageous for park and playground lighting requirements since they illuminate signage, walkways, pavilions, and parking lots. They are grid-independent, which means they may be deployed anyplace in the park where sufficient illumination is required. These lights ensure the safety of youngsters playing after dark and also assist authorities in securing the area at night. Nowadays, the majority of cricket and football matches are played at night for a variety of reasons. As a result, solar LED lights are put in stadiums and playgrounds to give high-intensity illumination inside the field. For any activity, a playground requires high-intensity illumination, referred to as a floodlight, which a solar panel may provide at a cheap cost and with minimum maintenance.

    5. Outdoor security lights powered by solar energy

    Solar-powered security lights are lighted using solar energy that has been converted to electricity. As a consequence, they are a viable option for security purposes, as they can run without power at night, as the sun supplies the necessary energy during the day. These lights illuminate automatically in response to motion detection. They also run in inclement weather and offer dependable illumination at all times. Outdoor lighting is quite popular in rural regions.

    MKLIGHTS's solar street lighting systems are also extensively employed in a variety of other applications, including parking lots, hospital parking, and residential illumination. When compared to traditional lighting, our solar LED street lights need less system installation and also give a higher level of illumination. Additionally, it has a long shelf life and requires little care. It is portable and comes with a three-year guarantee. These solar street lights are completely pollution-free. For further information, please contact our solar light specialists at [email protected]

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