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SSC 80w Semi integrated Solar Street Light

80w Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light Also known as all in two solar street lights, the lithium battery and controller are built into the LED street light head, and the solar panel is installed separately, the advantage of the all in two design is that the power of the solar panel can be unlimited, the angle of solar panels are adjustable.

Key features

80w Semi integrated Solar Street Light | China Supplier

Semi-integrated Solar Street Light, all in two solar street light, solar street light, Solar Street Lighting

Wide power range: 30W~120W.

Solar panel + led chip + charge controller + battery all in two box.

High Lumen output up to 170lm/w with high-quality LED chips.

Innovative split structural design, with good heat dissipation performance.

Adjustable LED module angle, satisfying various road lighting needs.

Brand new A+ class LifePO4 battery with large capacity, support 10 days working after fully charging.

Adopting imported high-brightness Bridgelux 3030 and 5050 led chips, lab testing luminous efficiency up to 210lm/w.

High-efficiency Monocrystalline silicon Solar Panel to generate electricity (Higher efficiency than Polysilicon) 

With intelligent discharge management, Charge and discharge soft and hard dual protection, and intelligent equalization technology, deep cycle more than 2000 times.

Constant current discharge stable lighting + Night sensor + PIR motion sensor + Time Controller(6,8,10,12hrs for choose)+remote control (Above 30w).

Very easy to disassemble, install and transport. 


Courtyard, Garden, Park, Street, Roadway, Pathway, Parking Lot, Private Road, Sidewalk


80w Semi integrated Solar Street Light | China Supplier

Semi-integrated Solar Street Light, all in two solar street light, solar street light, Solar Street Lighting

LED Number144units
Nominal Power80W
Battery Spec.LifePO4  Battery(12.8V 42AH)
Solar Panel Spec.18V 100W(Imported High-Efficiency Monocrystalline Silicon)
LED BrandBridgelux  3030 High-Efficiency LED Chip
Lamp efficiency170lm/w
Luminous Flux13600lm
Beam Angle140°
Charge time5-6  hours by bright sunlight
Discharge time12hours/day,backup  5-7 days
Discharge Temperature-20℃~+60℃
Charge temperature<60℃
Lighting mode3hrs  100% brightness+2hrs 80% brightness+7 hrs 25% brightness
Mounting height8-10M
Space between light28-35M
Lamps material of mainHigh-class aluminum alloy 
RatingIP65 IK10
Induction TypeMicrowave induction function
CertificationCE, ROHS, LM80
Warranty  period

3   years


80w Semi integrated Solar Street Light | China Supplier

Semi-integrated Solar Street Light, all in two solar street light, solar street light, Solar Street Lighting

SSC 30W Semi-Integrated Solar Street Light


80w Semi integrated Solar Street Light | China Supplier

Semi-integrated Solar Street Light, all in two solar street light, solar street light, Solar Street Lighting



What is all in two solar street lights?

All-In-Two Solar Street Light is designed for Pathway and Main Street Lighting, with a lithium battery and controller built inside the lamp. but the Solar panel are separated, so the system totals two parts.

What is the difference between All in one (Integrated) Solar Street light and All in two (Separated) Solar Street lights?


All in two and All in one solar street lamps utilize Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries to store energy. Lithium Iron Phosphate charges and discharge cycle life is four to five times longer than lead acid, and Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries typically have a five to eight times longer lifespan than lead acid batteries.

The life cycle of lead-acid batteries is reduced by nearly 50 percent for every 10°C increase in temperature when the ambient temperature surpasses 25°C. However, Lithium Iron Phosphate can function effectively at temperatures over 25°C. Also, the discharging temperature range for LiFePO4 is -20°C to 60°C, and the charging temperature range is 0°C to 50°C. As a result, the primary difference between All in One and All in Two batteries is that the battery capacity of All in One solar street lights is smaller since the battery compartment is fixed, whereas the battery compartment of All in Two is significantly larger. Also contributing to the greater battery capacity is the larger solar panel installed on the lighting enclosure to store energy.

Power generation:

Because the solar panel is attached to the lighting casing, the directional flexibility of all-in-one systems is limited. As the position of the panels is fixed, maximum energy harvesting is not achievable.

In All in two Solar Street Lights, the solar panel may be changed to the optimal angle for absorbing the most sunlight and producing the most electricity. When there is little sunlight, the solar panel will operate for fewer hours at night.


Typically, installation speed is proportional to project installation costs.

To install the All in two Solar street light solutions, additional effort and manpower are required to configure and hold solar panels before installing them. Since the solar panel, LED bulb, battery, smart sensor, and controller are all included in a single box, installation is simple.

All-in-one solar street lights, on the other hand, are easier to install than All in Two solar street lights. Its solar panel, LED bulb, battery, intelligent sensor, and controller are all neatly contained in a single box. As there is no need to hold and adjust the solar panel, installation may be completed with fewer persons. We can install them on both new and old poles, as well as on walls. This option is less expensive and requires less time to install.

Panel size:

The size of the solar panel put on an all-in-one street light is restricted by the size of the light housing.

The solar panel is not attached to the lamp in All in Two split-type solar street lighting systems, therefore any size can be employed. Large solar panels can store enough energy to last the entire night, even on cloudy days or during the winter.


The sophisticated BMS that is included in Lithium Iron Phosphate batteries makes monitoring and adjusting battery parameters very simple. Therefore, this feature makes it a better fit for the All-in-One Solar street light solution.


In comparison to All in One solar street light, All in Two solar street light is easier to maintain. The lighting case of the All in One solar street light is difficult to access, and if the solar panel is damaged, it is difficult to repair because it is mounted to the lighting case. Similarly, replacing the battery is difficult. When difficulties arise with All in Two split-type solar street lights, solar panels can be readily replaced because they are installed individually. Additionally, the battery is easily replaceable by just opening the lighting casing.

Consequently, both types have various or distinct characteristics, and customers typically choose based on their needs. Both SSA and SSE provide superior performance in consideration of all consumer objectives.

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