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Guide to LED Street Lights

Guide to LED Street Lights

Every city, town, and smaller community relies heavily on street lighting. It aids in ensuring that individuals may leave their houses at night and drive securely without causing an accident. When roads and a new community are developed, streetlights are erected first. It would be unwise to disregard street lights. They are quite crucial. Consequently, it is crucial that the appropriate street lights be used for the intended site. Learn how to make the best decision by reading this street lighting advice from a Chinese lamp manufacturer or supplier.

Why LED street lights are important?

As you may have guessed by now, the significance of LED street lighting cannot be emphasized enough. It is inconceivable to conceive of a road without street lighting. The following considerations demonstrate the significance of street lighting.

Provide Illumination for Passerby and Transportation

One of the primary reasons why street lighting is vital is because it helps illuminate pedestrians and vehicular activity. Without enough street lighting, pedestrians would be reluctant to go outdoors at night, and there would be a great deal of traffic and accidents. People would have no idea where to drive, which would be particularly dangerous at night. In fact, nobody would want to go outdoors once it gets dark since the streets would be impassable. Similarly, driving a car would be incredibly challenging if motorists could solely depend on their vehicle's lights. They would be unable to perceive what is before them. This would just exacerbate the problem.

Crime Prevention and Reduction

Another key argument for the significance of streetlights is their ability to decrease and prevent crime. When there is adequate illumination in an area, thieves and other criminals are less inclined to steal or conduct other crimes. Without enough illumination, they would wreak devastation. They would have an easier time breaking in and stealing. To prevent this from occurring, street illumination is required. When criminals realize that everything is illuminated, they will be deterred from committing crimes. This would aid in preventing and reducing all crime. Therefore, street lighting is crucial.

Common Street Light Locations

Almost wherever you go, you will see streetlights. You will undoubtedly encounter them. Whether you leave your house to stroll on the sidewalk or travel across the country, streetlights will illuminate your path. This demonstrates how essential they are. The following are frequent street lighting locations.

Urban Streets

One of the most significant locations in the city where street lighting may be found. City lights are another name for streetlights. The illumination of city streets is necessary to guarantee that everything runs properly. Therefore, they need street illumination. The street lighting may be embellished to reflect the city's aesthetic. Illuminated city streets enable the safe flow of traffic and allow pedestrians to enjoy the city while going about their daily business.

Industrial Park

The industrial park is another typical location for street lighting. Nearly every industrial park has street lighting. The street lights enable industrial employees to continue working regardless of the time of day or the visibility of the sun. With the installation of street lights, the employees may execute their duties without visibility concerns. Industrial parks must be well-lit so that there are no interruptions to the activity.

Rural roads

Street lights may be seen along rural roads as well. People may travel by car from one area of the nation to the next because of these roadways. Nation roads need to be lit to guarantee that traveling throughout the country is hassle-free and that businesses may profit from the simple flow of products. This is only feasible with the aid of street lights, which properly illuminate all rural roads, allowing motorists to travel the whole length of the country without any problems.

Scenic Roads

Additionally, picturesque routes need street lighting. Street lights are required to glimpse the real beauty of picturesque routes at night or in poor visibility conditions. They brighten the picturesque roadways and assure their finest appearance. There is nothing more stunning than gorgeous highways that are completely lighted. A lengthy drive around the gorgeous roads is possible because of the area's nicely illuminated street lights. There is no better alternative for lighting the picturesque routes.

Parking Lot, Airport, Port

Lastly, parking lots, airports, and ports need street lights to facilitate parking and driving in these regions. So that pilots can safely land the aircraft, the airport must be well lit. The same holds true for ports where ships must be docked. With the aid of street lights, it is possible to illuminate the regions for optimal convenience. Street lights are an essential need for illuminating a region.

How to Select Good Street Lights?

Before purchasing good street lights from MKLIGHTS, it is crucial that you understand how to choose good street lights. As this is the definitive reference to street lights, it examines some of the most crucial factors that must be addressed while shopping for street lights. They will assist you in making the best decision.

High Power

High wattage is the most important factor to consider when shopping for street lighting. Since installing street lights costs money, it is essential to do it correctly by acquiring high-powered street lights. As it might get quite dark at night or when visibility is poor, you must install street lights that give optimal lighting. Otherwise, there would be an increase in accidents and criminality.

The Material Is Strong and Long-Lasting

Next, you must get street lights manufactured from sturdy and long-lasting materials. Due to the fact that street lights will be exposed to the elements for their entire life, they must be constructed from the most durable materials. Otherwise, they would quickly get worn out, necessitating frequent replacement.

Guide to LED Street Lights

Low Glare

Low glare is an essential feature that cannot be overlooked when purchasing street lighting. You must get street lighting with reduced glare. In contrast, if you install street lights with an excessive amount of glare, cars would be unable to see properly, leading to accidents. Therefore, it is essential to have street lights with reduced glare. You will find them to be beneficial and ideal for your needs.

High IP-Rating (≥IP66)

Since street lights are installed outside, you must purchase ones with at least an IP65 certification. It is the standard because it protects electrical enclosures from water and solids. The IP certification indicates that the illumination is resistant to moisture and dirt. A high IP rating would also shield the illumination from water spray and precipitation. It will aid in providing the necessary durability. Therefore, you cannot settle for less.

Dust Does Not Accumulate Easily, Which Is Beneficial for Heat Dissipation

In addition to the foregoing, you need street lighting that prevents the accumulation of dust. If street lights fail to prevent dust collection, they will overheat and cease functioning. You must get street lighting with effective heat dissipation.

With Smart Control System

When it comes to the market for streetlights, an intelligent control system is now required. MKLIGHTS provides the most effective streetlights with a sophisticated control system. You may utilize the technology to remotely control the lights and more. With a sophisticated control system, more may be accomplished with streetlights. There is no higher quality than this. Learn more about the system's capabilities, for example. You need a system that permits remote control of the street lights.

Bracket Angle Adjustable

Lastly, you must get street lamps with an adjustable tile angle. It will guarantee that the illumination direction may be altered without difficulty. In order for the street lights to work effectively, an adjustable tile tangling is needed. If the tilt angle is not adjustable, the street lights will be useless.


MK lighting manufacturer supplies street lamps by own factory.

You will know all there is to know about street lights upon completion of this tutorial. It is essential to get street lights from a recognized manufacturer, such as MKLIGHTS. The goods are covered by a guarantee and are incredibly robust, allowing you to sit back and relax. Investing in the finest street lighting can pay you in the long run.

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People also ask

1. Street Lighting Affects The Quality Of Life

Community safety is significantly influenced by street lighting. Whether for practical reasons relating to visibility or for social security, public lighting is an essential component of urban transportation and infrastructure. Public illumination and street lighting have a significant impact on the quality of life by extending the day and providing individuals more freedom to organize their own schedules and lifestyles.

The human eye attempts to adjust to limited visibility in the absence of natural light, which has proved hazardous for drivers. At this point, the artificial light is the driver's only ally. First, there are automobile headlights, which often do not provide enough light for safe driving, followed by streetlights.

Inadequate upkeep of lamps immediately heightens the danger of poor road visibility. In this instance, the quality of the LED illumination and the decreased need for maintenance become crucial issues for both road safety and energy conservation.

MKLIGHTS manufactures high-quality LED luminaires for street and pathway lighting. In addition to their high visibility, they are useful for their low power consumption, extended lifespan, and little maintenance.

Choosing the optimal light distribution based on the height of the mast and the distance between the masts results in a considerable decrease in the amount of installed electricity needed. Due to the durability of all components (more than 50,000 hours of operation), less maintenance is required, resulting in substantial cost savings and dependable visibility for all road users.

2. How To Choose The Power Of LED Street Lamp?

How should the contractor, businesses, and owners determine the street light wattage for street light projects, such as urban major roads, industrial parks, towns, viaducts, and other street light transformation projects? How many watts is the average LED street light?

In general, the power of LED street lighting ranges from 20W to 300W, however, most roads LED street lamps have low power, such as 20W, 30, 50W, or 80W.

The standard street light consists of a 250W metal halide bulb, but the high-power LED street lamp should use less than 250W. As its name suggests, a high-power LED street lamp is a lamp with a single power of more than 1 watt and a new kind of LED semiconductor light source.

Currently, the average illuminance of the uniformity of road surface illuminance for LED street lighting is 0.48, which is larger than the national conventional norm of 0.42, and the spot ratio is 1:1, which is consistent with the road illuminance. (Actual half of the center light spot reaches 25 LUX, a quarter of the central light intensity reaches 15 LUX, the lowest light intensity 16 meters out is 4 LUX, and the overlapping light intensity is approximately 6 LUX)

Currently, the lens material for street lamps on the market is an enhanced optical material with transmission rates of 93 percent, temperature resistance of -38 to +90 degrees Fahrenheit, UV resistance, and a Pelosi rate of 30000 hours without modification. It has excellent application potential for urban lighting. Dimming has no effect on the intensity of the dimming, the color, or other properties.

Ordinarily, when we get LED street lights from street lamp manufacturers, skilled and technical staff will design the street lighting for us. The experts and sales representatives of street light manufacturers have extensive knowledge of the engineering applications of street lamps.

The following techniques are provided solely for reference:

1. Test area

The test road is 15 meters wide, the street light is 10 meters tall, the lamp arm is 1 meter at an elevation angle of 10 degrees, and the street lamp is tested on one side; the test area is 15 meters by 30 meters. In view of the fact that small roads have minimal requirements for the transverse light distribution of street lights, 12m x 30m statistics of the application area are supplied for reference and selection of roads of various widths.

2. Test data

The data is the average of the three measurements, and the light drop is derived using the first and third measurements. The duration is 100 days.

3. assessment of light transmission, light efficiency, and illumination uniformity

In order to calculate optical efficiency, divide optical throughput by the input power.

The formula for the optical pass is average illuminance multiplied by area.

Illuminance uniformity is the ratio between the lowest and highest illuminance of measurement locations in the transverse direction of the road.

How many wattage street lights should be put on the road should be paired with the manufacturer's street lamp impact in the application of street lamp engineering.

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