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40w Led Post Top Light Fixture

40w Led Post Top Light Fixture, also known as LED garden light, adopts full die-casting aluminum housing and tempered glass with high light transmittance, supports double-arm, three-arm or four-arm installation, adopts Philips LEDs and Meanwell Driver, and is very cost-effective, as factory of post top fixture, MK offers free lighting simulation.

Key features

40w Led Post Top Light Fixture | Manufacturer & Supplier

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Die-cast aluminum housing and tempered glass.

The smooth fuselage prevents dust and bird droppings.

The energy-saving rate reaches more than 70%

LED engine consists of the LED light source and power supply, can be easily replaced or upgraded, designed to facilitate technology upgrades (for the future)

10KV surge protection is standard.

Corrosion-resistant spray coating & GT; 100 microns thick

Optimized road light distribution, ULOR=0 (zero upper illumination)

Supports smart city applications, NEMA, Zhaga sockets, and standard outdoor dimming protocols such as light control, motion sensors, DALI, 1-10V.

A 5-year limited warranty is provided.


Roads, streets, car parks, parks, gardens, and residential areas


40w Led Post Top Light Fixture | Manufacturer & Supplier

Post top light fixture

LED BrandPhilips Lumileds
Working Voltage100-240/277VAC
Luminous Efficiency130 lm /w( +/- 5%)
LUMEN5200 lm ( +/- 5%)
Optic lensType I Medium; Type II Medium; Type III Medium; TypeV, Short
Optimal Operating Temperature25℃
Storage Temperatures-40°C~50°C
Working EnvironmentBetween-40°C~+50°C, 10%~90%RH
THD< 10%
Lumen MaintenanceL70> 100,000 hours
Wind IndexForce 12
Body MaterialsDie-cast aluminum; Tempered Glass
Pipes Diameter60mm
RatingIP66 IK08
Protection Class I ( Class II optional)
Surge Protection Device10KV (20KV optional)
CertificationsCE, ROHS,LM80,IP66 IK08,ISTMT
Dimming1-10V or DALI or PWM or Timer
Control OptionsPhotocell or Motion sensor or Zigbee/Lora smart control
Color OptionsGrey/Black
Warranty5 years


40w Led Post Top Light Fixture | Manufacturer & Supplier

Post top luminaire

30w post top lamp


40w Led Post Top Light Fixture | Manufacturer & Supplier

Led post top light fixture



What is a post top fixture?

Post top lighting is a word used to describe outdoor lighting that is often installed on poles and placed in parking lots, highways, and on campuses of businesses and educational institutions.

What are the lights in a parking lot called?

Parking lot light poles or LED light poles are typical names for the lights seen in parking lots. Additionally, they are also incorrectly referred to as "street lights," although that is incorrect. In contrast to parking lot lights, which cast a wider beam of light to illuminate bigger areas, street lights produce a narrower beam of light to illuminate a tiny rectangular area, such as a street pavement.

What type of light is best suited for outdoor parking?

LED area lights are the best choice for parking lots. LEDs have dominated this use-case despite it not always being the case because of their robustness, energy economy, and incredible efficacy in achieving desired brightness levels. The biggest benefit of LEDs is their lumen maintenance, which means they will continue to produce more than 90% of their original brightness even after several years.

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