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best 60w led street light exporters

60W LED street light adopts a driverless design, which reduces the failure caused by the LED driver problem and greatly reduces the maintenance cost. The streamlined appearance design will not accumulate dust. As a LED street light manufacturer, MKLIGHTS has rich experience in road lighting projects, welcome to contact.

Key features

Led street light 60w

Cost-effective and efficient lighting solution (DOB solution)

Maximized saving in energy and maintenance

Surge protection 4 to 5KV (+10Kv optional)

3 size to offer the most accurate solution

Wide range of color temperature

Wide range of operating temperature

Wide range of BEAM angles (optional)

Housing optimized for heat dissipation and reduced dust accumulation

IP 66 tightness level



Local roads, Express roads, Town roads, Residential area roads, Pedestrian crossings, Parking areas


60w led street light

LED BrandSANAN 2835
Driver BrandIntegrated Driver
Nominal Wattage60W
Input Voltage180-265VAC
Power Efficiency>90%
Power Factor>0.95
Lamp Rated Luminous Efficiency100 lm/w
Lamp Rated Lumen output6000 lm (Lumen tolerance +/- 5%)
Color Rendering Index70( 80 optional)
Color Temperature3000-6500K
Optic (IESNA)Type  II Medium
Optimal Operating Temperature25°
Storage Temperatures-40°C~50°C
Working EnvironmentBetween-40°C~+50°C,10%~90%RH
Total Harmonic Distortion< 15%
Lumen Maintenance> 30000 hours
Wind IndexForce   12
BodyDie-cast Aluminum Housing
CoverPC lens
Pole Fitter Diameter60mm/50mm
RatingIP66 IK09
Protection Class I 
Warranty3  years


Consider the Following When Purchasing LED Street Lights

Along with the phase-out of conventional road lights, LED luminaires have been the driving force behind street lighting, owing to their low power consumption, high effectiveness, extended lifetime, energy-saving, and environmental preservation, among other benefits. Today, there are several brands of led street lights, making it tough to make the best buying option. Since led street lights are almost exclusively placed and utilized outside, exposure to the sun and rain is unavoidable. Thus, great quality is a fundamental necessity when purchasing led street lights; otherwise, several road safety difficulties may arise as a result of illumination failure.

To avoid falling into the purchase trap and to alleviate the trouble of selecting the finest product and having an ideal shopping experience that safeguards hard-earned money for businesses, organizations, and engineering firms, here are some points to consider when purchasing led street lights.

1. The degree of illumination degradation is an evident indicator of the quality of led street lights that have been authorized by the public. As a result, the illumination degradation detection report serves as a critical judgment foundation. Cheaper road light products, encapsulated with substandard chips, are often advertised on the market in an attempt to defraud novice lighting equipment dealers. ... the cost of wanting inexpensive things frequently surpasses the benefit. Because once end-users lose faith in wholesalers, regaining consumer credibility is often difficult or impossible.

For test reports provided by suppliers, it is prudent to verify the testing agency and determine if it is an authorized entity approved by the semiconductor alliance.

The lighting degradation test result given by a reputable testing organization is more reliable.

LED street lights that pass these organizations' light decay detection assure a high level of product quality.

2. Never purchase led street lights that lack an effective heat dissipation structure. Thermal dissipation has always been a tough subject to address and the focus of lamp industry research. The capacity of lighting equipment to dissipate heat is directly connected to its longevity. Without a sound framework, the generated heat cannot be properly transported, resulting in the formation of a destructive force in reverse. The lifetime of led street lights will also be significantly reduced.

3. While some argue that the brand name is irrelevant, this is simply not true. Certain businesses are well-known for their high-quality goods and generous warranty policies. When purchasing led street lights, you want to ensure that the components are of high quality and have a long life. That is what occurs when the greatest brands are picked. Therefore, do brand consultation prior to purchase if you are unfamiliar with critical components such as LEDs, power drivers, and sensors used in led road light goods. Numerous suppliers purposefully withhold information regarding certain component brands in order to create a blind spot for distributors in terms of product knowledge.

4. Additionally, do a preliminary study on the application situations you want to illuminate. You do not want to put led street lights on poles only to realize they are not as expected. Avoid such a mistake by doing some preliminary research and modeling.

Pay attention to the points above while looking for proper led street lights for your road lighting project to avoid purchasing substandard items. Ensure that you get high-quality merchandise. While getting samples prior to making a purchase is not needed, it is a prudent practice if you want to avoid purchasing items that are simply incompatible with your requirements.

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