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Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

How to do tunnel lighting design?

How to control the transition between the tunnel and the natural light outside the tunnel is the root of tunnel lighting design.

Differences in the brightness of the driver's vision: The long tunnel is like a black hole. When entering the darkness of the tunnel from natural light, the driver's vision has a black hole effect. Therefore, the brightness of the road at the entrance of the tunnel and the lighting environment must meet certain lighting standards. Reduce the impact of the driver's visual lag and reduce the danger caused by the driver's visual blind spot. The special environment in the tunnel makes the lighting light in the tunnel diffuse. If the lighting intensity does not meet the standard, it will affect the driver's ability to judge and react.

Since the vision of driving at night and entering the tunnel during the day is exactly the opposite, some necessary measures should be taken from the lighting design of the tunnel.

Case Study: 

Lighting Simulation of 100W LED Tunnel Light uses in the subsea tunnel.

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Street Profile (One-way two-lane Tunnel)

Maintenance factor: 0.80

Sidewalk 2 (Width: 2.000 m)

Roadway 1 (width: 7.000 m, Number of lanes: 2, tarmac: R3, q0: 0.070)

Sidewalk 1 (Width: 2.000 m)

Luminaire Arrangements

Luminaire: 100W LED TUNNEL LIGHT 5S 3030

Luminous flux (Luminaire): 12999 lm 

Luminous flux (Lamps): 13000 lm

Luminaire Wattage: 100.0 W

Arrangement: Double row, opposing

Lamp Distance: 15.000 m

Mounting Height (1): 8.000 m

Height: 8.000 m

Overhang (2): 0.600 m

Boom Angle (3): 10.0 °

Boom Length (4): 0.000 m



Datasheet_LED Tunnel Light_ TA-MKLIGHTS.pdf

Installation Manual

Installation Manual_TunnelLight_TA.pdf


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Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

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Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

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Dialux simulation design of Tunnel Lighting

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Calculate Result

Calculation Field   ListStandard: EN 13201
Valuation   Field Roadway (All lighting performance requirements are met.)
Selected   Lighting Class: ME4aLav [cd/m²U0UlTI [%]SR
Calculated values:
Required values according to class: ≥ 0.75≥ 0.40 ≥ 0.60≤ 15≥ 0.50
Fulfilled/Not fulfilled:

For more details please download below simulation result in PDF.

Lighting Simulation of 100W LED Tunnel Light.pdf

Lighting Simulation of Tunnel LightingLighting Simulation of Tunnel Lighting

(Above figure is a simulation rendering of the 100W LED tunnel light in DIALUX lighting simulation

ME lighting classes in EN 13201

For road lighting, the lighting criteria are selected depending upon the class of road being lit. The class has a range of sub-classes, from the strictest to the most relaxed, and these are chosen depending upon factors, such as typing speed of users, typical volumes of traffic flow, the difficulty of the navigational task, etc. The basic lighting classes are defined as:


This class is intended for users of motorized vehicles on traffic routes. In some countries, this class also applies to residential roads. Traffic speeds are medium to high. The ME classes go from ME1 to ME6, with ME1 defining the strictest requirements. For wet road conditions, the MEW classes go from MEW1 to MEW6.


Emin - minimum illuminance 

Em -  maintained average illuminance 

Lm -  maintained average luminance 

Uo - overall uniformity 

Ul  -   longitudinal uniformity 

TI   -  threshold increment 

SR - surround ratio


ME1≥ 2.0 cd/m2 0.40 0.700.50 10%
ME2 1.5 cd/m2 0.40≥ 0.70 0.50≤ 10%
ME3A 1.0 cd/m2 0.40 0.70 0.50≤ 15%
ME3B 1.0 cd/m2 0.40 0.60 0.50≤ 15%
ME3C 1.0 cd/m2 0.40 0.50 0.50≤ 15%
ME4A 0.75 cd/m2 0.40 0.60 0.60≤ 15%
ME4B 0.75 cd/m2 0.40 0.50≥ 0.50≤ 15%
ME5 0.50 cd/m2 0.35 0.40 0.50≤ 15%
ME6 0.3 cd/m2 0.35 0.40 0.50≤ 15%
MEW1D 2.0 cd/m2 0.40 0.60 0.50≤ 10%
MEW1W- 0.15- 0.50-
MEW2D 1.5 cd/m2 0.40³ 0.60≥ 0.50≤ 10%
MEW2W- 0.15- 0.50-
MEW3D 1.0 cd/m2 0.40³ 0.60 0.50≤ 15%
MEW3W- 0.15- 0.50-
MEW4D 0.75 cd/m2 0.40- 0.50≤ 15%
MEW4W- 0.15- 0.50-
MEW5D 0.5 cd/m2 0.35- 0.50≤ 15%
MEW5W- 0.15- 0.50-

ME lighting classes in EN 13201.pdf

If you have a tunnel light project, but do not know how to choose the wattage and style, please contact MKLIGHTS, as a professional manufacturer of LED tunnel lights, we have a lighting simulation team that can provide professional lighting design, so that you can win the project.

People also ask

a. What are the 5 zones of tunnel lighting?

When designing tunnel lighting, the five key areas defined in CIE 88-2004 should be considered: the entrance area, the entrance area, the transition area, the interior area, and the exit area.

b. What is tunnel lighting?

Good tunnel lighting ensures that the driver adapts to the light inside the tunnel at the tunnel entrance. It creates a safe driving environment by providing adequate lighting for the entire tunnel. The driver must enter the tunnel without any negative impact, pass through the tunnel and leave the tunnel.

c. What is the importance of lighting in tunnels?

Tunnel lighting is necessary to solve the problem of sudden adaptability to the environment within the tunnel. The need to balance the adaptability of the internal and external brightness to the people entering and leaving the tunnel. The design is based on a certain critical length of the tunnel.

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