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SD LED Street Light

The compact design of SD street light, under the premise of satisfying good fan heat, makes great use of the space of the die-cast housing and reduces the size of the road lamp, which not only creates a competitive price but also reduces the transportation cost, which brings great benefits to customers. meanwhile, the Streetlight protection rated reach IP66 and IK10 which can meet most of the bidding requirements of city street lighting.

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What Are The Main Features Of Street Lights?

Illuminating streets, parking lots, walkways, and other public spaces where people congregate, street lights, and street lamps are advantageous. In addition to increasing driving safety, street lights increase the security of a location by enhancing visibility in low-light settings. The majority of these streetlights are often paired with additional traffic safety equipment that improves visibility and eliminates all impediments in poorly lit regions. You must recognize that the major purpose of street lights is to illuminate rooms or things that would otherwise be in darkness or out of focus, particularly at night.

If you are having trouble distinguishing street lights from other light sources, consider some of the distinguishing characteristics.


You must realize that street lights are often built of corrosion-resistant metals such as aluminum. Alternately, some of these streetlights are built from polyethylene or another durable plastic. When searching for materials to construct these lights, solar street light manufacturers have taken the problem of resistance to the elements into account. The majority of them are installed on utility poles or specialized poles.


The following characteristics are used to distinguish street lights from other sources of light.

Operating Temperature

This refers to the ideal operating temperature for these lights. This characteristic is essential for all outdoor lighting. Typically, the lights are used at night. Therefore, these bulbs work at temperatures as low as 2 degrees Celsius on average. The producers have given careful consideration to the fact that the lights may be put in regions that undergo annual winter seasons.


This is a measurement of how much light each bulb produces. There are street lights that can illuminate an area up to 100 meters in diameter. This light is essential for lighting larger objects that would otherwise be obscured by darkness at night. The majority of public venues, such as outdoor markets, rely on this illumination for nighttime commerce.


Daylight/Photocell Sensor Activation

The majority of these street lights are equipped with an integrated photosensor that turns the bulb on only in low-light circumstances. In other words, the producers of these lights have played a crucial role in ensuring that

Lamps only work at night or in areas with little illumination. The LED lights are ineffective during the daytime.

Combined Solar Panel

Most LED street lights are equipped with solar panels that provide backup power, hence decreasing operating expenses. In other words, instead of utilizing electricity to power the lighting system, the majority of manufacturers use solar panels. These lights provide additional benefits, particularly those that run in regions with at least 10 hours of sunshine every day. Typically, the light source recharges its batteries and utilizes the energy to give illumination at night. This technique is essential for ensuring that the street light illuminates an area throughout the whole year.

Street lights are a vital source of lighting in public spaces that would otherwise be in the dark at night without them.


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