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SB LED Street Light

When installing street lights on a lifter, installers often encounter the headache of falling screws, and the wages of the installers are usually charged by the hour. If the installation process of LED street lights is complicated, it is dangerous and labor-intensive. The MKLIGHTS team, as a professional manufacturer of urban street lighting, has been deeply involved in the design and manufacture of city street lighting for 12 years. we have rich design experience, taking into account the safety of installation workers and in order to save installation costs for customers, Our first generation of toolless design street lamps came into being. Through the buckle, workers can manually open the power supply cavity for wiring or electrical maintenance. At the same time, this street luminaire is equipped with a power protection device. When the cover of the lamp is opened, the input power is automatically cut off, which can ensure the safe operation of the installer.

The back of the luminaire is smooth and not easy to accumulate dust, which completely solves the problem of bird droppings; at the same time, it supports vertical installation or horizontal installation. Meet different types of street light poles.

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LED Municipal Street Lighting Myths

While it's encouraging that more people are becoming aware of the advantages of LED outdoor lighting, it's essential that misconceptions do not cloud the facts. The following are some common LED myths you should be aware of.

Myth 1: LEDs are more expensive

Some major corporations are reluctant to implement LED lighting projects because of concern that their expenses would rise. With proper design, an LED-based system may typically save money compared to traditional lighting solutions.

Myth 2: One-to-One Replacements Are Effective

While there are several benefits to using LED landscape lighting and other LED applications, it's not always as straightforward as replacing current fixtures with LED-capable ones. For optimal results, it is vital to contact a skilled business that can make changes to minimize problems such as overlighting.

Myth 3: LEDs Will Flood the Neighborhood with Light

Occasionally, residents of a certain location are afraid that the adoption of LED lighting would result in an excessive amount of light or other issues. If correctly placed, this will not be the case; nonetheless, you may want to provide residents with a forum for voicing their concerns and chances to learn about the efforts your lighting specialists will take to prevent creating unfavourable light conditions.

Myth 4: LEDs Don't Work in Cold Conditions

Another misconception about LEDs is that they operate badly in cold environments. However, it would be unfortunate if municipal planners believed this fallacy since municipal LED street lighting performs well even in frigid climates. In fact, they exhibit excellent cold resistance and may even be superior to conventional lighting systems in this aspect.

Myth 5: Cheaper Bulbs Automatically Equal Better Results

It is obvious that budget-conscious project managers would seek the cheapest lights and get them installed as fast as feasible. However, it is essential to take the long perspective here: By artistically positioning LEDs with dimmers in exact locations, for example, it may be feasible to dim and brighten the lights as required, resulting in more efficient outcomes and greater cost savings.


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