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Dialux Lighting Simulation of 150W led parking lot light

Dialux Lighting Simulation of 150W led parking lot light

Case Study:
Lighting Simulation of 150W LED Street Light use in the parking lot of shipping mall.

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Lighting Simulation of 150W parking lot lightLighting Simulation of 150W parking lot light

Design ideas

1.1.1 Illuminance standard: refer to the current national standard "Lighting Design Standards for Outdoor Work Sites" GB 50582-2010, and the relevant standards of "Urban Road Lighting Design Standards" CJJ 45-2015 for various types of outdoor parking lots. related requirements. GB 50582-2010 stipulates that "Class I (>400 vehicles) parking lot, the standard value of horizontal illuminance is 30lx, and the uniformity of horizontal illuminance must reach 0.25 or more". CJJ 45-2015 stipulates: "Classified by traffic volume, for parking lots with high traffic volume, the average horizontal illuminance Eh, av (lx) maintenance value is 20lx, and the illuminance uniformity must reach 0.25 or more". For parking lot entrances and toll collection points, "Lighting Design Standards for Outdoor Work Sites" GB 50582-2010 stipulates that "the illumination at the parking lot entrances and toll collection points should not be lower than 50lx." This parking lot adopts the Class I illuminance of GB 50582-2010 Standard, the standard value of horizontal illuminance is 30lx.

1.1.2 Lighting analysis and requirements of each component of the parking lot: (1) Entrance and exit - the entrance and exit of the parking lot need to check the verification documents, charge fees, and identify the driver's face to facilitate communication between the staff and the driver; railings, facilities on both sides of the entrance and exit, and Corresponding lighting must be provided on the ground to ensure the safe driving of drivers. Therefore, the lighting here should be properly strengthened and targeted lighting should be provided for these operations. GB 50582-2010 stipulates that the illumination at the entrance of the parking lot and the toll booth should not be less than 50lx. (2) Signs and markings - the signs in the parking lot can only be seen by being illuminated, so the lighting of the signs should be taken into account when designing the lighting. Then there are the markings on the ground. When setting the lighting, it should be ensured that all markings can be clearly displayed. (3) Body parking space - For the illumination requirements at the parking space, it is necessary to ensure that the ground markings, ground car locks, and isolation railings are clearly displayed to ensure that the driver will not hit the ground obstacles due to insufficient illumination when driving into the parking space. . After the vehicle is parked, the body should be displayed with appropriate lighting to facilitate the identification of other drivers and the entry and exit of the vehicle. (4) Pedestrian route - Pedestrians pick up or get off the car and leave, there will be a section of pedestrian road, this section of road should consider its lighting as an ordinary pedestrian road, and provide suitable ground lighting and vertical lighting. If there is a mixed-use of pedestrian routes and roadways in this yard, it will be considered according to the roadway standards. (5) Environmental interference - For the consideration of safety and orientation requirements, the environment of the parking lot should have certain lighting. However, the impact on the off-site atmosphere should be reduced. After all, vehicles or parking lots are not beautiful decorations in the public environment, and they may destroy the original harmony of the environment. The above problems can be improved by arranging the lamps. Continuous light poles are arranged around the parking lot to form an array, which can play the role of a line of sight barrier so that the inside and outside of the parking lot can be isolated.

1.2 Lighting quality requirements

For the lighting of the parking lot, in addition to the basic illuminance requirements, others such as the uniformity of the illuminance; the color rendering, and color temperature requirements of the light source; glare is also an important indicator to measure the lighting quality. High-quality field lighting can create a relaxed and good visual environment for drivers and pedestrians.

2. Lighting method and lighting selection

2.1 Lighting method

Reasonable lighting design is very important to improve illumination uniformity, three-dimensional sense, reduce glare, and meet lighting requirements. The lighting effect of the parking lot is different, and the lighting effect is completely different. At present, many parking lots in China use high pole lights or half-height pole lights for lighting, and there are few lamps and lanterns. The more prominent problem of this type of parking lot is that the lighting uniformity in the entire parking lot is relatively poor, and when there are a few more vehicles, it will form Shade shadows, accentuating their unevenness. In contrast to this, the use of ordinary street lamp poles and the arrangement of lamps and lanterns are many (relative to the former). The survey found that this kind of lighting arrangement through the reasonable distribution of lamps and targeted consideration of the selection of lamps when reaching the same illuminance as the former, the illumination uniformity of the latter is obviously better, and this kind of venue is more convenient to use. People reflect better.

 Therefore, based on the above analysis of the current situation and the layout characteristics of the parking lot, the parking lot is designed with low-height single-head street lamps and half-light lamps, which are arranged in a row at the boundary of the site. There are many lighting points, which improves the uniformity of illumination. , while reducing the light interference caused by the parking lot to the surrounding roads and buildings. The specific arrangement of the lamps: the installation height of the lamps is 8 meters, and the street lamp poles are installed on the ground. They are arranged symmetrically on both sides of the parking spaces on both sides (the width of the road is 14 meters), and the distance is 25 meters. Lamp installation power 150W. Appropriately shorten the distance between lamps at the entrance and exit to improve the illuminance level.

2.2 Lamp selection

Both HID lamps and LED lamps are commonly used options. LED is a solid-state light source, with small size, fast response, modular combination, adjustable power size, and DC power drive characteristics, which brings great convenience to the manufacture of lamps. And in recent years, with the support and promotion of the government, the development speed is very fast, and the price of light sources has dropped rapidly, creating good conditions for LED applications. And considering the requirements of safety, security, feature recognition, inspection documents, environmental atmosphere, etc., LED street lamps are selected in this design. The specific parameters of the lamps are as follows: the light-emitting rate of the lamps is above 90%, the power factor of the street lighting lamp is above 0.95, the overall luminous efficiency of the LED is above 130lm/W, the power efficiency of the lamps is ≥90%, the color temperature of the LED street lamp is 4000K~4500K, the color rendering coefficient Ra ≥70. The service life is more than 100,000 hours, the protection level of the lamps is more than IP66, and the protection class against electric shock is I. Based on the above parameter requirements. This design selects MK-SA3-150 LED Street Light 150W 4000K Type III lamps produced by MKLIGHTS company.

1. Lighting control method

Set up two control modes of light control and time control respectively, and set up manual control switch at the same time to adapt to different operation requirements. In the light control mode, turn off the light when the natural illuminance level reaches 30lx, and turn on the light when the natural illuminance drops to 80%~50% of 30lx. In the time control mode, the longitude and latitude clock controller is used to control, and the switching time of the lights is reasonably determined according to the geographical location and seasonal changes.

2. Calculated value of illuminance

Use DIALux illuminance software to simulate and calculate the illuminance result of the above design content as shown in Figure 2 below (unit: Lux).

Lighting Simulation of 150W parking lot light

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