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How Many Lumens Do You Need for Sports Lighting?

How Many Lumens Do You Need for Sports Lighting?

Sports lights allow people to exercise at night or when natural light is scarce. Its importance cannot be overstated. Whether the sport is played in an international stadium or a local football stadium, lighting cannot be ignored. If you are considering buying motion lights, this article will answer any questions you may have about lumens. Sports lighting helps to meet the actual needs of athletes, and spectators and capture high-quality television broadcasts. It is also difficult to operate stadiums without adequate lighting.

1. What Is Lumen?

Lumens can be used to quantify the amount of illumination provided by any type of lighting. Lumens are related to candlelight and represent the brightness of a standard candle, equivalent to an Angle of one square meter. If the light source is obscured by the right absorbing hemisphere, the system will begin to emit half of its luminous flux. Simply put, lumens are units used to measure the amount of visible light contained in a defined beam or Angle or emitted by a light source. The amount of lumen or candela a light source emits depends on its spectrum, which is measured by the normal response of our eyes.

How Many Lumens Do You Need for Sports Lighting?cid=5

2. Difference between Lumen and Lux

The difference between lumen and Lux is one of the most fundamental differences to understand. The difference between the two is that Lux considered the region in which the light was distributed. A flux of 1,000 lumens provides 1,000 lux illumination. It will be concentrated in an area of one square meter. If the same 1,000 lumens are spread over 5 square meters, the resulting lighting will be dimmed. A source emitting 1 watt of light would provide a luminous flux of about 683 lumens. In all, a lumen corresponds to at least 1/683 watts of visible light, depending on the distribution of the spectrum.

3. Lux to Lumen Calculation Formula

A Lumen is a unit of measurement for luminous flux. The amount of light emitted by a source is measured in microvolts (V). The unit of the lumen is denoted by the symbol Lm. The intensity of the point light source is 1 crown. The outgoing luminous flux is 1 lumen. Since the average light efficiency of LED lights is 150lm/W, the calculation for the lumens of 1000W stadium lights is 1000W multiplied by 150lm/W, which equals 150,000 lumens.

To simply convert Lux to lumens, you can also use a lumen-to-Lux calculator. Because light disperses as it leaves the emitter, the farther it travels, the more light it disperses and the less intense it is.

3.1 Measuring in Square Meters

To calculate lumens in square meters, you must consider the illuminance Ev in lux, which is equal to the luminous flux of lumens. So the luminous flux V is equal to the illuminance Ev in Lux (lx) times the surface area A in square meters (m2). Therefore, the formulas listed below are derived.

ΦV(lm) = Ev(lx) × A (m2)

3.2 Square Footage Calculations

In addition to square meters, you may also want to use square feet to calculate lumens. V lumens (lm) is equal to 0.09290304 illuminance Ev Lux (lx) times surface area A square foot (ft2). The formula is shown below.

ΦV(lm) = 0.09290304 × Ev(lx) × A(ft2) (ft2)

The specific calculation table may be related to the following link: Lux to Lumen Calculator

How Many Lumens Do You Need for Sports Lighting?cid=5

4. How many lumens are required for sports lighting?

4.1 Football Soccer Field

DimensionsLength x Width: 100 x 64 meters
Lighting requirementsLumens
75lux for recreational and training480000lm
200lux for semi-professional stadiums1280000lm
1000lux for televising the events6400000lm

Reference link for Guide to Football Field Lighting Design

4.2 Tennis Court

Dimensions: Single match:  23.77x8.23meters; Double matches: 23.77x10.97meters
250 lux for Residential and Recreational48907 lm for single match
65189 lm for double matches
350 lux for Club Competition and   Commercial68469 lm for single match
91265 lm for double matches
450 lux for National and international88032 lm for single match
117341 lm for double matches

Reference link for Guide to Tennis Court Lighting Design

4.3 Baseball Court

Dimensions: 27.43 x 27.43 meters

Lighting requirementsLumens
Professional Competition500lux376202lm

4.4 Basketball Court

Dimensions: 28x15 meters

Lighting requirementsLumens
Backyard and recreational200lux84000lm
NBA and FIBA Word Cup2000lux840000lm

Reference link for Guide to Basketball Court Lighting Design

4.5 Badminton Court

Dimensions: 13.4 x 6.1 meters

Lighting requirementsLumens
Amateur standard300 lux24522 lm
Professional standard500 lux40870 lm

4.6 Volleyball Court

Dimensions: 18 x9 meters

Lighting requirementsLumens
Recreational competitions75-200 lux12150-34200 lm
Professional match500 lux81000 lm

5. Lumens and Watts

Lumens and watts are also measured when determining the lumens required for motion lighting. It needs to measure the amount of electricity generated by the light source. For example, a 100-watt light bulb consumes 100 watts of electricity for every second it is on. The more watts, the higher the bill, because the more electricity is consumed.

6. How Do I Convert Lumens to Watts (W)?

Consider that the conversion from the lumen (lm) to a watt (W) is very simple. Watts can be calculated using luminous efficiency and lumens. Lumens and watts represent different quantities. This indicates that you cannot convert lumens to watts. Lumen to watt conversion formula: P watts (W) is equal to luminous flux (V) lumens (Lm) (lm). It will then be divided by luminous efficiency per watt lumen (lm/W). The following formula will be derived.

P (W) = ΦV (lm) / η(lm/W)

7. MKLIGHTS Stadium Lights Watts and Lumen Range

MKLIGHTS is a Chinese lighting manufacturer that offers stadium lights with power ranging from 20W to 1800W. With a light efficiency of 145lm/W, the lumen range of a single lamp is between 2900lm and 261000lm.

MKLIGHTS is a company that doesn't disappoint when it comes to finding sports lighting. It has proven to be a leading supplier of various LED lights. There is no illumination that the company cannot produce. Order MKLIGHTS stadium lights for optimal sporting event lighting. They are ideal for almost all lighting conditions.

8. Conclusion

After reading this article, you'll learn how many lumens you need for motion lighting and how to measure them.

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