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Dialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting

Case Study

Dialux Lighting Simulation of 150W LED Flood Light use for Billboard.

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Advertising lighting requirements

1. Illumination

In the same area, the illuminance of the billboard must be slightly higher than the others, so when determining the illuminance value, the illuminance of the surrounding environment and the absorbance of the color of the billboard's layout should be considered comprehensively. The recommended illuminance is 500LX.

2. Average illuminance

When considering the illuminance value, the average illuminance of the entire layout must be considered to avoid local bright or dark spots to avoid visual discomfort. At this time, the rationality and balance of the lighting must be considered. The recommended average illuminance is 500LX.

3. Uniformity

The so-called uniformity is the ratio of the minimum illuminance to the maximum illuminance. The function of uniformity is that when visitors look around the layout, there is a good transition and no glare, so as not to cause visual discomfort, thereby affecting the time that the line of sight stays on the layout. Therefore, paying attention to uniformity can increase the intensity of impact on the customer's central visual nerve, thereby deepening the customer's impression, promoting the desire to buy, and ultimately facilitating the transaction. The recommended uniformity value is greater than 0.4.

4. Color temperature of the light source

Since most layouts are composed of a variety of different colors, the color temperature of the light source has a great influence on the layout color, so we must pay attention to the different effects produced by the absorption and superposition of light colors. Therefore, the requirements for the color temperature of the light source must be close to the value of the color temperature under sunlight, so as to be as close as possible to the effect during the day. The recommended color temperature is 4200K.

5. Color rendering

Color rendering is the ability of the light source to present the color of the layout itself, and it is also the most important issue for advertising creatives. The brightly colored layout should not change the intention of the creator after being illuminated by light. It is recommended that the color rendering is greater than 80%.

Advertising lighting requirements

1. The appearance must be beautiful and generous, resistant to rain and sunlight

2. Professional light distribution curve meets the requirements of illumination and uniformity of different billboards, generally adopts bat type.

3. There must be a reliable electrical system, the load of the line must be scientifically calculated, and the parameters of each electrical appliance must be reasonably arranged to reduce maintenance costs and light attenuation.

4. There must be an adequate level of protection. To improve the outdoor service life, the waterproof and dustproof grade requires IP65.

Installation matters of advertising led flood lighting

In order to achieve the best effect of advertising lighting and extend the life of the exterior flood lights, the following points must be paid attention to when installing the smart floodlight:

1. The installation height of the led flood lamps is recommended to be about 0.5m away from the billboard to avoid local bright spots and damage the uniformity of the entire layout.

2. When singles are used for billboards, it is recommended to use downs, so as to avoid the appearance of light spots and affect the overall effect.

3. In order to make the light distribution curve of the two advertising outside led floodlight tangent, and the light emitted will not be superimposed or vacant, it is recommended to set the spacing between 1.8m-2.3m when installing and placing, in order to improve the advertising The average illuminance of the card.

4. When installing lamps, it is recommended that the margin between the edges of both ends is between 0.5m and 1.0m to avoid light pollution and waste of light resources, so as to achieve environmentally friendly lighting.

5. In order to expand the illuminated area, it is recommended to stretch the length between 1.8m-2.5m. On the other hand, it can coordinate the facade effect of the entire layout. On the other hand, it also reduces the possibility of light spots, thereby increasing the billboard. The uniformity requirements.

6. Before installation, check whether the advertising led floodlight is damaged, whether the sealing ring is properly installed, whether the outer fastening ring is fastened, etc., so as to avoid water seepage after installation and use, which will affect the life of the floodlight led.

The three elements of best flood lights

1. led flood light price

The price is not the final element to measure the product. The price is mainly composed of cost, profit, and added value. Cost often determines the level of quality, and a highly transparent market only allows reasonable profits. Absolute prices can only be simple comparisons of high and low, while relative prices vary with different brands, quality, and services.

Take FB floodlight as an example, the approximate price is as follows´╝Ü

The wattage of FB Series LED Flood LightUnit Price
30WUSD54.00 /PCS
60WUSD71.00 /PCS
80WUSD71.00 /PCS
100WUSD75.00 /PCS
150WUSD96.00 /PCS
200WUSD107.00 /PCS
240WUSD112.00 /PCS

2. The quality of the flood lamps

Only by mastering professional knowledge can you produce professional advertising outside flood lights. The design of the light distribution curve and the purchase of accessories are also based on professional knowledge.

3. Lamp service

Only professional companies can establish a long-term market perspective, establish a good reputation, establish an industry-based report, act with integrity, and make things perfect. As the led flood light manufacturer, MKLIGHTS has professional experience in development, manufacturing, and project.



Specification_FB_LED Flood Light.pdf

Installation Manual

Installation Manual_TA_FloodLight_FB.pdf


Simulated images

Dialux simulation design of Billboard LightingDialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting

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Dialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting

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Dialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting

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Dialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting

Dialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting

Dialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting

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Dialux simulation design of Billboard Lighting.pdf

People also ask

a. How do you light a billboard?

At night, billboards need an external light source to illuminate. Since billboards are usually mounted on high poles, powerful LED floodlights are equipped at the top and/or bottom of the billboard to provide adequate illumination. Advanced technology enables billboards to emit light on their own.

b. What are billboard lights?

LED billboard lights are floodlights, spotlights, and linear wall washers designed to illuminate large billboards at night. These LEDs are designed to cope with harsh outdoor conditions without wearing out or losing their strength, so your billboards are clearly visible in any weather condition.

c. How many lumens does a billboard need?

Below is a simplified diagram comparing metal halide billboard lights and LED billboard lights.

VariableMetal Halide Billboard LightsLED Billboard Lights
Lifespan (H)10000100000
IP GradingIP65IP66

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