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SC LED Garden Light

The outdoor garden post top light is available in a Type V distribution with five optic lens options designed to replace HID lighting systems up to 70-250 watt MH or HPS. The LED garden light, also named post top light which means mounts to a pole top tenon. Typical area lighting applications include parking areas, walkways, and street lighting applications. Mounting heights of 12 to 30 feet can be used based on light level and uniformity requirements. SC garden street lamp also can be mounted on steel wire rope as urban light which is popular in many cities in Europe.

People also ask

Why are Post Top Fixtures important in outdoor spaces?

Outdoor areas such as parking lots, public parks, and extensive residential estates need various sources of light, however the majority of the lights used to illuminate these areas are utilitarian, unattractive, and devoid of any aesthetic function. To rectify this, our line of post-top lighting is inspired by historical lighting designs. On curved arms and secured to posts are attached timeless MKLIGHTS shades. The personality provided by these lights grounds outdoor areas and enhances the curb appeal of a venue.

In addition to these aesthetic advantages, post-top lighting prevents outdoor settings from seeming too dim at night, making them feel brighter, safer, and more secure. With well-lit outside areas, businesses catch the attention of pedestrians and passing motorists and residences may be differentiated from those of their neighbors.

Are Post Top Lights available with LEDs?

To create efficient sources of light, cutting-edge LED components are integrated into these fixtures’ shades. This innovative design produces illumination with unparalleled efficiency, reducing the energy costs and maintenance requirements associated with lighting. About 50,000 continuous hours of light are emitted by these fixtures, and very little electricity is consumed as they illuminate rooms. In addition to this efficiency, multiple lumen options and color temperatures provide the perfect amount of brightness and proper feel for the light.

What are some residential and commercial applications for LED Post Top Lighting?

Brightening long driveways on vast residential properties and farms

Providing light for decks, outdoor seating areas, and fire pits

Making commercial sidewalks and parking lots feel safer and more secure

Illuminating public parks

Bringing light to gardens and patios


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