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RC LED Canopy Light

With the durable and good-looking design, The new 2021 petrol station light adopts a die-cast aluminum shell and glass cover. The white anti-corrosion spray coating of canopy lights is suitable for most petrol station lamp ceilings. It supports three installations, recessed, bracket, and surface, which can meet different installations of petrol station lighting, the power range of RC led canopy light is 80-150w, suitable for most gas station lamp lighting requirements, ATEX explosion-proof certified suit for flammable and explosive places using. As led gas station light manufacturer, MKLIGHTS have rich experience for gas station lighting design with software, if any supports, please contact our sales team.

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What are the Features Of Our LED Canopy Lights?

Canopy lighting is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor applications. The lights may be recessed, placed on the surface, or fitted on poles.

1. High-effectiveness LED source

Our LED street lights come with top-brand LED beads that have superior brightness, color rendering, and a longer lifetime.

2. Explosive-proof for gas stations

The canopy lights are intended to be explosion-proof so they may be used at petrol stations.

3. IP66 Rating

As an IP66-certified LED light, it is fully secured against water and dust ingression, which makes it the perfect option for outdoor usage.

4. Mounting methods

Depending on the application, LED canopy lights may either be surface-mounted, recessed-mounted, or pole-mounted.

5. All-aluminum die-casting housing

With a one-piece die-cast aluminum canopy light, you can be sure it is extremely waterproof and dustproof, making this a multipurpose light that can be used both inside and outdoors.

6. Convenient installation

A frame holder particularly engineered to resist the rigors of the installation process makes installation considerably safer and more straightforward.

What kind of lights do gas stations use?

Canopy lighting is the most prevalent style of LED lighting seen at gas stations. Frequently, LED gas station canopy lights are put in canopies covering gas pumps.

How much light does a gas pump need?

At ground level, 400 lux of illumination is adequate under the canopy. In addition, the required vertical illuminance for petrol pumps is 150 lux. The entrance and exits of gas stations shall have a minimum illumination of 10 lux. The light intensity of 150 lux is suitable for the canopy-to-store crossing region.


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