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SG Streetlight

SG series streetlight comes with separate optical block and driver, the housing of street luminaire is made of die-cast aluminum with less than 0,1% copper for corrosion resistance, protector of street lamp made of tempered glass, Smooth design, no cooling fins,Knife connector included. Driver of SG street light lamp provide power for communication device in accordance to D4i directives, there are NEMA and ZHAGA interfaces on the top and ZHAGA interfaces on the bottom, which can be single-end controller, radar motion response and light supplement control. There are a variety of lamp cap adjustment handle, handle adjustment plus or minus 15 degrees, can be vertical 90 degrees installation, as the led street light manufacturer, MKLIGHTS can offer different road solutions for municipal road tenders.

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Why Led Street Light Fixtures are Necessary and important?

LED street light installations are financially sustainable, require low maintenance, and are ecologically beneficial. This is why they have been able to surpass traditional HID lights in every respect. In addition, LED street lighting delivers enhanced colour, a more uniform light distribution, and a negligible contribution to light pollution. When you choose an LED street light luminaire, you will be able to improve the area's aesthetics and security.

Many of us will immediately contemplate lighting the roadway for motorists. This is true; yet, LED street lights are crucial for motorists. According to the report, over 70% of robberies occur on dark sidewalks. The majority of lights help people feel safer at night. Despite the fact that a portion of the security CCTV has an infra-red feature, adequate lighting given by LED street lights allows security cameras to capture the process clearly. Law enforcement personnel are able to appropriately identify criminals.

LED is an energy-efficient technology since it uses 70% less energy than metal halide lights. LED lights have a luminance efficiency of 150lm/W compared to metal halide's 65lm/W. Following the replacement of metal halide street lights with LED street lights, energy costs might be significantly reduced since more lumens are generated with the same amount of electricity.

The LED street light fixture has an anti-glare lens above anything others. You have seen that many individuals complain that the lights are excessively bright, thus impacting their quality of life. The anti-glare lenses are put on the roadway surface, rather than the adjacent buildings, to reduce their impact on residents. When seen from the side, the LED street light fixtures would be less dazzling.

LED Street Lights VS Conventional Street Lights

What is the significance of illumination homogeneity between LED and traditional street lights? Good uniformity indicates that the light is dispersed equally throughout the road's surface, with no bright spots. If the lighting pattern is excessively erratic, it will upset the road users, which is particularly critical for motorists. According to a study, LED street lights may offer uniform lighting similar to natural sunshine, reducing driver fatigue. They can significantly enhance road safety. To achieve more uniformity, LED street light bulbs have been installed with an asymmetric optical lens that provides rectangular rather than circular lighting. This configuration may lessen the street light's erratic overlap.

Another consideration is heat dissipation. Since LED street lights are intended to work for an extended length of time, a lack of an appropriate heat sink would reduce their lifespan. To address this problem, we've designed a thick aluminum fin structure with an exceptional surface area. Before introducing LED street light fixture solutions, we conduct a laboratory test. The inherent temperature range of the street light fixture is maintained low.


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