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Osram's Fluence LED lighting solution enters Beijing Polar Star Agricultural Industrial Park

Sep. 11, 2021

On September 2, Fluence (Fluence by OSRAM), a subsidiary of OSRAM, announced that Beijing Polaris Agriculture Co., Ltd. (HortiPolaris) has purchased LED lighting solutions from Fluence for installation in its crop cultivation and research facilities. At the same time, the two parties are carrying out relevant experiments to develop the best lighting solutions to help the construction of modern facility agriculture. 

It is understood that Polestar Agriculture was established in 2016. It is a domestic modern agricultural industry company that benchmarks Dutch agriculture. It has advanced agricultural facilities and technical strength. The founder and general manager of the company, Xu Dan, is based on relevant experience in greenhouse tomato planting in the Netherlands. , Established a modern agricultural industrial park in China, realized the landing of Dutch greenhouse horticulture technology in the country and was awarded the national modern agricultural industrial park in 2019. 

The modern agricultural industrial park is located in Miyun District, Beijing, with a total area of about 40 hectares and a total investment of 1.5 billion yuan. In the tomato planting area, the Dutch advanced soilless tomato production, NFT hydroponic lettuce, and factory seedlings have been introduced.

Osram's Fluence LED lighting solution enters Beijing Polar Star Agricultural Industrial Park

Image source: Fluence video

According to reports, at first, the lighting system of Polestar Agriculture‚Äôs greenhouses was HPS Lighting, but it was later discovered that the use of HPS lamps would be too expensive for a market that values quality over output. Therefore, Polestar Agriculture has turned to LED lighting systems that are energy-saving, can achieve crop stability and flexible seasonal cultivation. 

Compared with high-pressure sodium lamps, LED lighting systems also help to improve the color and stability of agricultural products and other key qualities that consumers pay attention to. At the same time, they also have greater advantages in shortening crop growth cycles and facility design. 

In this cooperation, Polestar Agriculture applies Fluence's wide-spectrum VYPR LED lighting system in its greenhouses and Fluence's RAZR LED system in its vertical cultivation shelves. Based on this, Polestar Agriculture can control the light intensity at different growth stages of crops, and the light uniformity of RAZR lamps also plays an important role in crop transplanting.

Osram's Fluence LED lighting solution enters Beijing Polar Star Agricultural Industrial Park

Image source: Fluence video

Xu Dan said that LED lighting systems can be used throughout the year in the greenhouse to increase crop yields, ensure quality stability, and achieve a year-round supply of products. Taking small tomatoes as an example, Polestar Agriculture can currently supply 500 tons of small tomatoes to Beijing. 

In addition, Polestar Agriculture is conducting experiments with Fluence to find the best combination of LED light intensity and spectrum to improve the neutral level, maximize the company's profits and differentiate its competitiveness. The research results of both parties will also have a positive impact on the innovation of future food production and the intelligent development of modern agriculture. In the next step, Polestar Agriculture plans to promote advanced modern agricultural technology nationwide, and jointly produce high-yield, high-quality, and high-standard agricultural products with growers across the country.


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